Goals Achieved

By on Nov 28, 2019 in Global

Riyadh Davids joined apartment manager and Yardi client Nasser Lootah Real Estate, part of the Nasser Adbullah Lootah group of companies, in 2010. As general manager, he is responsible for all asset development and operational management, including the implementation of Yardi Voyager as the company’s property management and accounting platform. He offered perspective on his company and its relationship with Yardi from his office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Riyadh Davids

Q: Mr. Davids, how has Nasser Lootah Real Estate grown into one of the largest diversified groups in the Middle East?

A: We consistently provide innovative technologies and comprehensive know-how that benefit customers in many Gulf countries. In our 25 years of existence we have become active in travel, shipping, cargo, logistics, real estate, IT and interactive media, among other industries. Our portfolio includes more than 30 buildings across all asset categories. We aimed to provide superior professional services in every field, resulting in satisfied clients.

Q: How would you describe the company’s business culture and philosophy?

A: We have a heritage of hospitality and collaboration. This environment of professionalism directly translates to the advancement of our clients’ interests as well as those of our employees.

Q: What’s the most critical challenges to maintaining your brand identity and market position?

A: The most immediate one is avoiding complacency with our achievements and continuing to focus on building a lasting legacy. We constantly seek to create new partnerships while securing higher levels of trust from our current clients, associates and employees.

Q: What were the challenges that led you to select Yardi Voyager as your real estate technology platform?

A: With our company growing across multiple verticals in the UAE, we needed a way to get an overview of the portfolio at a glance and communicate better with residents of our properties. Yardi Voyager is the single integrated platform that helped us achieve that goal.

Q: Can you offer examples of new efficiency?

A: Yardi Voyager helped us achieve our goal of having payments hit our ledger without touching paper. We’re dedicated to operating 100% electronically, from leasing and payments to maintenance and invoice processing.

Voyager also centralised operational, financial, leasing and maintenance management of our entire portfolio in a single database. And with the Yardi Residential Suite, we’re able to handle marketing, facilities management, revenue management, business intelligence and much more in one seamless solution.

Q: What has been the impact of Yardi Voyager for your staff?

A: Our team members spend less time on data entry and administrative tasks. They now have more time to manage our properties more effectively and focus on delivering exceptional customer services. The system also makes data easily accessible to employees and saves money by reducing our reliance on paper.

In addition, Voyager established standard business rules, practices and reporting. That lets us operate all of our properties the same way, wherever they might be. The platform also supports our growth goals: With workflow consistency and cloud hosting, we have the freedom to expand our business without IT being an issue.