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By on May 27, 2019 in Giving, People

Since 2013, the Yardi Cleveland office has hosted an annual food drive called the “Fight Hunger Games” as part of the Greater Cleveland Food Bank’s Harvest for Hunger. 

Harvest for Hunger is a collaborative effort covering services in six counties. Food collected and funds raised make it possible to provide nutritious meals to local residents in need. For those struggling to make ends meet, the burden of hunger can be a difficult distraction at all times of year – not just the Thanksgiving to Christmas season, when much attention is focused on food charities.

Hardworking families and seniors on fixed incomes across Northeast Ohio face tough choices – put food on the table or pay for other basic essentials such as medicine, utilities or transportation. One in five children in the greater Cleveland area is food insecure.  Yardi’s Cleveland office knew they could help make a difference through the Fight Hunger Games.

The rules of the Games are thus: Yardi-Cleveland employees are divided into Team Districts.  The teams collect food and supplies. One representative from each team is selected (or appointed as some of them have experienced) to participate in the Hunger Games.

Points are awarded to the winners of the games. Points are also added to the teams according to the number of donations the team has collected. Award ribbons are presented to the top three teams.

There  a snack system to collect money to purchase donations for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. Snacks are available at each suite. They are purchased by hungry Yardi employees and all profits are used to purchase items to be donated to the Food Bank.

Friendly competitions for the Hunger Games included tower building with cans of food, a guessing game to promote office name retention, ball toss, rock/paper/scissors, and five in ten trivia. This year’s question was “What are the names of the five states that surround Ohio?”

This year’s winners are:

Left to right

Wiley Ederer – Second Place – representing District 8

Jackson Sroub – First Place – representing District 6

Sean Mills – Third Place – representing District 5



Appreciation is extended to the other Hunger Game Participants

  • Jeff Schindler
  • Chris Laurienzo
  • Adam Lynn
  • Laura Davies
  • Brandon Schwenk
  • Eric Ferraro

The Cleveland office began the Hunger Games challenge in 2013 when the office had 48 employees and collected 375 pounds of food and supplies.    The Cleveland office now has 90 employees. This year they ocollected 3,969 pounds of food and supplies.  Way to go, Yardi Cleveland!

This will provide close to 3,333 meals for the hungry in the Northeast Ohio community.  That is enough to feed a family of 4 for over 9 months.  As the Food Bank advised: “Each of the meals made possible through your generosity is more than just a meal, more than just food – those meals are a lifeline and a reminder to our neighbors struggling to feed themselves and their families that they are not alone.”

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