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By on Dec 6, 2018 in Giving

In September 2018, Hurricane Florence left disaster in its wake. Low-lying towns along the South Carolina and North Carolina coasts received the worst of the damages. In the months to come, the storm would unite the region in one of its darkest hours.

Yardi assists with Hurricane Florence recoveryHurricane Florence dumped 30-36 inches of rain on the region in two days. The rainfall caused catastrophic flooding. Cape Fear River, which runs nearly 200 miles from the Atlantic to Wilsonville, crested 62 feet. Nearby rivers and creeks also flooded, submerging homes, destroying businesses and washing out two interstates. About 350, 000 people were without power in North Carolina.

At least 43 people lost their lives in storm-related events.

Following the bleak aftermath came a surge of hope. Assistance poured in from throughout the nation, with the strongest concentration of aid coming from neighboring states. Food, clothing, and supplies began to make their way to those in need.

On the ground, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina (FBCENC) and its 100 partner agencies were among the first to channel the aid and help communities recover. Volunteer Services Coordinator Michael McKay said, “You see an outpouring of love at this time, during a disaster. It’s amazing that we see so many people here to help out.”

FBCENC set up more than 85 contact points in the hardest hit areas. “We’re going to be here for you,” said Michael Cotten, Branch Director at FBCENC. “The Food Bank is a first responder and we’re going to be here in the long term.”

Yardi corporate contributed funds to FBCENC to support relief programs.

“While the efforts are far from over, we have been able to provide more than 5.5 million pounds of food and supplies to our neighbors over the past two months because of Yardi’s support,” said Amy Beros, Vice President of Development at FBCENC. “Today, we are setting up a modular pantry in Jones County because our partner agencies there are still working to rebuild.”

“This has been our biggest relief effort to date for the Food Bank. Thank you for making it possible to be with our communities for as long as they need us,” said Beros.

Learn more about FBCENC recovery efforts in Rockingham, NC.