BackYARDI Games

By on May 1, 2019 in Giving

Participants in the first BackYARDI Games in Melville, NY.

Participants in the first BackYARDI Games in Melville, NY.

Each year, Yardi offices around the world select regional non-profits to receive corporate donations that reflect the company’s motto: “take care of our clients, take care of our employees, take care of our communities, stay focused, and grow.”

In 2019, the Long Island, New York Yardi office has taken that effort one step further, and is endeavoring to get each of its 134 employees involved with one of the non-profits that the Melville office supported in 2018.

“A goal for our office to get all of our employees involved in one volunteer project in 2019,” explained Christine Gleason, HR manager for the Melville Yardi office. “After presenting our checks to the selected non-profits last year, we reached out to each to determine whether there might be available volunteer opportunities for our employees.”

One of the non-profits supported by Yardi Melville in 2018 was the BackYard Players & Friends, a unique Long Island non-profit that focuses its efforts on providing social outlets for adults with developmental disabilities.

“The group’s organizers realized that once children with disabilities conclude their high school years, there are limited opportunities for social engagement. So they started this wonderful organization to fill that void,” Gleason said. The BackYard Players meet regularly for activities like arts classes, movies, bowling, game days and more.

The BackYard Players gathered at the Melville office for a mid-afternoon session of game show style trivia fun, and teamed up with Yardi employee volunteers on friendly – but very competitive – small teams for the first ever BackYARDI Games.

“This was such a positive experience for everyone involved,” Gleason said. “The BackYardi Players had a a great time, our employees had a great time, and we had a lot of people who just came in and watched and cheered for all of the participants.”

From the perspective of the Backyard Players, the event was also a huge success.

“We were able to bring over 30 BackYard Players to meet and compete in fun games like Jeopardy and Family Feud with the Yardi employees,” said a BackYard Players spokeswoman. “When a community involved organization like Yardi, reaches out to a small local non-profit like BackYard Players & Friends. The connection helps to support and empower us to continue our like-minded missions of love in community.”

Yardi Melville volunteers will also be supporting Long Island’s regional food bank, a charity walk for Angela’s House and have previously volunteered at Ronald McDonald House. But Gleason said they also hope to welcome the BackYard Players back for fun game rematch.

As the Players spokeswoman put it: “This is the good in the world!”

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