Al Noor Training Centre

By on Jun 1, 2022 in Giving, Global

Recently, the Yardi Middle East team, based in Dubai, took part in Al Noor Associations’ volunteer program.

The centre offered exciting opportunities to engage in during the holy month of Ramadan for people to give back and help children and young adults.

The Yardi team worked closely with people of determination including trainees placed in Vocational Training Units at Al Noor Centre and engaged in activities for the upkeep of the premises, such as painting classrooms.

“Being able to give back and help at the Al Noor Training Centre was a great opportunity for the Yardi Team. We took part in workshops with the children and also helped paint classrooms,” said Aditya Shah, senior director of Middle East services and operations for Yardi.

“The centre provides great opportunities for people of determination to learn skills in a safe environment and allows them to learn in their own time. Yardi is proud to have the opportunity to help the children and young adults at the Al Noor Training Centre and we look forward to working with them again.”

“We would like to thank Yardi and their staff for being a part of our Employee Engagement Program and helping to create awareness for the work we do amongst our community,” said Ms. Ranjini Ramnath, director of the association. “It is due to the support of organisations like Yardi that Al Noor can help people of determination and their families, by providing professionally driven services that impact quality of life and inclusion into the community.

“We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Yardi for years to come so that together, we can create a positive impact for the community of determined ones in the UAE,” continued Ramnath.

Established in 1981, the Al Noor Training Centre started with just 8 children. With a holistic approach to wellbeing and development, the centre has expanded and now provides high-quality professional training for people with disabilities in Dubai.

The centre has specially designed programmes to suit each individuals’ needs, which includes children and young adults with various physical and cognitive challenges such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy and autism. They also employ Trans-Disciplinary Assessment and Intervention methods to ensure each child gets the precise help they need.

Today, the Al Noor Training Centre has over 180 students with more than 28 nationalities. The goal of Al Noor’s Vocational Training Unit is to make students of determination skilled and productive members of the community.

Training is offered in wood design technology, printing technology, fashion technology and bakery units. The centre includes a well-equipped gym, a large multi-purpose auditorium, a swimming pool and a shaded outdoor playground.

If you would like to find out more about the services Al Noor Training Centre provides to their students with disabilities or explore employee engagement initiatives, visit Al Noor Training Centre.

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