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By on Apr 25, 2022 in Senior Living

How can senior living providers use business intelligence (BI) tools to elevate their communities? We have the answer for you, and it comes in the form of a brand-new case study.

We sat down with Michael Schefter, chief financial officer at Cascadia Senior Living to learn how Yardi Senior IQ has changed the company’s day-to-day processes for the better. From streamlined operations to saved time — Cascadia is reaping the benefits of a single connected BI solution.  

Here’s a quick snapshot of the case study, which covers exactly how Senior IQ helps Cascadia prosper.

An introduction to Cascadia Senior Living 

Cascadia Senior Living & Development is devoted to their residents. Founded in 2013 and based in the Pacific Northwest, Cascadia manages over 13 senior housing properties with a focus on independent living, assisted living, memory care and respite care. Cascadia believes it takes a group effort — residents, their families, their friends and the Cascadia staff — to create vibrant communities.

Most importantly, they’re always striving to better their communities. With help from technology, Cascadia drills into individual communities to uncover specific details — finding new ways to improve residents’ quality of life.

The challenge with siloed solutions & jeopardized data

Before adopting a single connected solution, Cascadia was manually pulling data from disparate sources. Finance, accounting and operations teams were devoting hours to extracting raw data each month, searching for specific metrics, making calculations and transposing data into graphs and slide decks. Digging for specific answers was part of the job — but it wasn’t an efficient use of time.

With rapidly expanding communities and a larger pool of metrics, time wasn’t the only issue. Data integrity became a primary concern. Cascadia faced increased discrepancies, manual errors and ultimately, jeopardized data. They searched for a new, integrated system built to minimize risks, streamline operations and save time.

Choosing a new solution

To simplify their data-collection process and tap into actionable information, Cascadia moved forward with Yardi Senior IQ. This trusted business intelligence solution surfaces real-time data in attractive, sharable dashboards. Drawing portfolio-wide data from Yardi Voyager Senior Housing, Senior IQ provides pre-configured KPIs that help visualize important metrics and industry benchmarks.

The solution ultimately gives Cascadia the insights needed to act confidently and make strategic decisions.

How Senior IQ drives success

Cascadia no longer spends hours — even days — navigating siloed systems and sifting through spreadsheets. By selecting Senior IQ as their business intelligence solution, Cascadia’s manual processes became automatic, and their data became centralized on a single platform.

“I got to the point where we were exporting reports on reports, and multiple people were operating in one workbook. I started to worry about data integrity. Now that I know this is coming straight from the source of record, I know that’s not an issue,” explained Schefter.

Thanks to Senior IQ, Cascadia…

  • Saves two hours daily across communities
  • Acquires 450+ KPIs
  • Eliminates 10 spreadsheets
  • Secures one source of truth

Read the case study

Curious to hear more about Cascadia’s journey? Read the full case study to see their success with Senior IQ. If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of business intelligence — and Yardi’s single connected solution — you can chat with our team by filling out this form.