Spring Cleaning

By on Jun 12, 2019 in Marketing

As is the seasonal custom, spring cleaning is a great way to start summer with a fresh slate. We detail five ways to “spring clean” your social media profiles. Keep reading for easy strategies you can implement now!

  1. Refresh your graphics

Spring is the perfect time to switch out your cover photos and profile avatars. Have new branding to share? Do you have property themes for the spring or summer?

Even if you don’t have a dedicated design team, free graphic design platforms like Canva offer a low-cost way to update your social media channels, presentations, brochures and logos.

  1. Update your contact information

It sounds basic enough, but updated contact information is an easy way to ensure prospects and customers can connect with you.

Contact information checklist:

  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Physical location address
  • Display other social media channels
  1. Add spring and summer hours

When was the last time you updated your hours on your social media accounts? Especially if your property or office features extended hours in the spring or summer, adding hours of operation can help you communicate when people can reach you.

  1. Do a quick content audit

Conducting a social media audit is a smart way to analyze your current social media marketing efforts. Each social media platform offers analytics on individual post performance. The Insights tab on Facebook and Instagram, and Analytics tab on LinkedIn and Twitter, provide ways to assess your content.

Questions to ask:

  • In the past three months, which posts had the highest engagement? Which posts had the lowest engagement?
  • In the past three months, what post types performed best? (example: video, image, link)
  • Are you hitting your social media goals? If not, how can you use this social media data to inform your strategy moving forward?
  • How can you incorporate new social media features like Facebook Live and 360-degree videos, and Instagram Stories and Instagram TV in your current marketing?
  • What is one social media goal you want to accomplish this year? What small steps will be needed to accomplish this goal?
  1. Assess technology needs

Are you using a social media management or reputation management tool? Based on your current inbound and outbound marketing needs, is it time to partner with a third-party technology provider? Platforms like Buffer and Sprout Social offer affordable ways to monitor engagement, schedule messaging and identify trends across all of your social media channels.

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