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LEDIC Realty Company LLC

LEDIC Realty Company LLC

  • Yardi Voyager Affordable Housing provides out-of-the-box compliance processes for all of the programs we participate in.

    Jennifer van Arcken, Director of Business Applications
  • With Voyager Affordable Housing, we can make sure that applicants can document their disability status and be given priority as we work through the waiting list.

    Jennifer van Arcken, Director of Business Applications

    The Company

    With more than 37,000 units under management, LEDIC Realty Company LLC of Montgomery, Ala., is one of the largest affordable property management companies in the country. LEDIC delivers housing management services for multifamily properties of all types in the U.S.

    The Challenge

    Reinventing Compliance

    In the past, LEDIC’s compliance officers managed affordable housing programs with a system based on email communication. Later, as the email system proved inefficient, LEDIC created a home-grown help desk program with the goal of centralizing compliance activities into a manageable database. However, with undefined workflows and difficult-to-track help desk tickets, LEDIC experienced miscommunication and lost opportunities to help staff reach their full potential.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Affordable Housing

    Yardi Voyager Affordable Housing supports multiple departmental functions on a single platform, helping LEDIC centralize operations, finance, maintenance management and compliance. Combined with Yardi Affordable Housing Suite solutions for online applicant certifications, payment processing, resident screening and more, LEDIC found a single connected system for better communication.

    The Story

    Making Workflows Flow

    LEDIC is responsible for compliance with a variety of affordable housing programs, including Low Income Housing Tax Credits, HOME, Rural Development and others. Each affordable housing program has associated workflows which all affordable housing providers, including LEDIC, complete daily.

    LEDIC employs a team of approximately 13 staff to oversee its compliance workflows. In the past, the team experienced inefficiencies due to reliance on processes such as email and shared folders to communicate and document compliance data.

    Compliance data for affordable housing includes household demographics, rent charges, screening documentation, utilities paid, unit inspections and more. That information is required to prove that affordable housing resources benefit members of the community who are qualified for a specified program.

    “Voyager provides out-of-the-box processes for our affordable housing compliance work for all of the programs we participate in. We are even able to do some customization based on local programs,” said Jennifer van Arcken, director of business applications for LEDIC.

    Waitlist processes are a prime example of how affordable housing compliance has improved with Yardi Voyager. “We created waitlist templates for properties based on their specific priorities. For example, at many of our locations, people with disabilities have a priority for housing assistance at our properties. With Voyager and RentCafe Affordable Housing waitlist functionality, we can make sure any regulatory preferences are documented and given priority as we work through the waiting list,” says van Arcken.

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