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RENTCafé for Subsidized Housing Providers

Change the way you qualify residents

Eliminate lengthy applicant meetings, expensive file storage, difficult to read forms and handwritten notes with a paperless application process. RENTCafé Affordable Housing and RENTCafé PHA support HUD 50058, 50059, Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, HOME, Rural Development Section 515 and Low Income Housing Tax Credit subsidies. 

Cut the cost of eligibility reviews

Spend fewer staff resources processing housing assistance applications. Online applications are more accurate, easier to certify and don’t require in-person meetings or file cabinets.

Read an in-depth study of how online applications save time and money

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Maximize Efficiency

Save staff and applicants time from face-to-face meetings. With RENTCafé, prospects can log in anytime, anywhere to complete an application, review their status and make updates.

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Simplify Compliance

Streamline compliance workflows to improve management of LIHTC, HUD, HOME and Rural Development programs and submit reports faster and with higher accuracy by interfacing online with compliance reporting sites.

Cut Fair Housing Risk

Reduce exposure to fair housing claims by providing applicants with a non-coached, consistent application process.

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Elaine Archer

Director of Housing Management

Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo

“One family was able to qualify for public housing and move into a unit within a week of creating their RENTCafé profile.”

Spend Less on Paper and Storage

Prospects upload application documents to RENTCafé without the hassle of mailing or dropping off paperwork. Electronic applications eliminate the cost and risk of storing physical files.

See how the Housing Authority of San Luis Obispo reduced its paperwork burden

Simplify Landlord Access

Give public housing landlords the ability to quickly update their profile, view ledgers, get caseworker information and review scheduled and completed inspections.

Connect Processes

Integration between RENTCafé and Yardi Voyager eliminates the need to re-key information once an applicant becomes a resident. Data flows seamlessly to Voyager without any manual effort.

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