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Revenue IQ

Gain insight. Drive pricing. Get results.

Increase net rental income and improve occupancy with transparent multifamily revenue management software built into Yardi Voyager and Asset IQ. Revenue IQ (formerly RENTmaximizer) prices new and renewal leases using the balance between real-time inventory, traffic and market conditions.

Now part of Yardi Elevate for multifamily.


Increase Occupancy and Boost Profits

Revenue IQ clients beat the market and gain an average 6% net rental growth while improving occupancy. Watch the video for a quick overview or download the brochure. Ready to see more? Contact us for a personal demo.

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Get More Control for Better Results

Drive revenue with clear, comprehensive metrics leveraging operational components including rental income, concessions, occupancy and rental rates — not just pricing. Get even more control with adjustable pricing metrics to achieve your goals.

See how HNN Associates does it

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Tim Reardon

Director of Revenue Management

Bridge Property Management, LC

“Our RENTmaximizer properties showed 7.37% rent growth, beating respective markets by 3.25%.”


Gain a Revenue Manager

Manage your business while we help you manage your pricing with an apartment revenue management solution that includes the dedicated support of an experienced revenue manager. Your dedicated specialist will get to know your assets and goals.

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Improve Visibility

Get visibility into rent movement and operational performance. Know your market in real time — including every comp and how you compete. Daily management reports help you understand pricing changes and show you upcoming exposure along with traffic and trends.

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Empower Your Success

Watch how Pillar Properties used RENTmaximizer on their lease-up to be “quietly awesome” with 4% rent growth over a 6-month period.

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Access Market Intelligence

Enhance your multifamily revenue management strategy and boost the performance of individual assets with nationwide intelligence built into Revenue IQ.

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Extend Your View

Bring together your operational, financial, property and pricing data with revenue management dashboards. Get key information about pricing trends, marketing activities and revenue growth with the complete Yardi Elevate suite.

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