Client Success

Community Housing Partners

Community Housing Partners

  • There is no end to what you can do in Yardi Aspire.

    Mandy Wadley, Compliance Specialist

    The Company

    Community Housing Partners (CHP) creates affordable housing opportunities across the eastern United States. Headquartered in Christiansburg Virginia, CHP manages 102 properties across a five-state region.

    The nonprofit provides thousands of residents with a variety of housing services each year. CHP serves seniors, people who are formerly homeless, households headed by single females, and other low-income and low-wealth households.

    The Challenge

    Simplified Training on Complex Subjects

    CHP sought a more effective staff training solution that could engage staff, improve training quality, make learning fun, and boost knowledge retention.

    The Solution


    Yardi Aspire presents interactive staff training courses in an easy, online environment. Clients have access to hundreds of Yardi-developed courses, and they can create their own custom courses.

    The Story

    Helping Staff Succeed

    CHP replaced ineffective webinar sessions with Aspire. Mandy Wadley, Property Software Coordinator, describes how CHP has benefited after implementing its new, more modern training platform.

    “People naturally become more positive, productive, and valuable to the organization when you help them learn and develop. We try to make training a fun experience for learners,” said Wadley.

    CHP creates role-based learning plans covering property management, accounting, and affordable housing compliance. “Aspire is a great resource for training staff on Voyager affordable housing workflows. It also helps us proactively address questions about reasons for change in compliance, subsidy or workflow processes as they come about,” said Wadley.

    CHP is pleased with the training advancements available with Yardi Aspire. “Aspire is a perfect for onboarding and training new employees, and for current employees to hone their skills,” said Wadley. “There’s no end to what you can do in Aspire. I love that I can do anything I want with it,” said Wadley.

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