Yardi Resident Screening for Canada

Select and retain quality residents with better online screening

Qualify residents accurately with a cost-effective tenant screening system featuring comprehensive reports, analytics, and automated recommendations built into your Yardi Voyager leasing workflow. For companies with properties in the United States, click here to learn how ScreeningWorks Pro will work for you.

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Automate Your Workflow

Deliver complete screening results on your dashboard within minutes to provide your leasing staff with clear, consistent direction that supports your business rules.

Screening workflow automation provides built-in control and cost savings, while enabling your staff to work more efficiently. Decision criteria are tailored for each property in your portfolio, which will customize the screening of each applicant accordingly.

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Minimize Risk With Analytics

Get better insight into applicant traffic and use performance reporting to make strategic decisions for your properties.

Dashboard analytics provide insight into traffic and screening activity across your portfolio with built-in reporting tools for property owners and managers.

Experienced consultants are available to further assist in fine-tuning decision criteria to meet your goals.

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Increase Your Net Rental Income

Reduce loss from collections and evictions with cost-effective screening to retain low-risk residents and improve your bottom line.

Get to know your renters before they move in. Comprehensive background information helps you choose responsible residents who pay their rent on time.

    • Credit reports Powered by Equifax®
    • Fraud checks
    • Rental payment histories

Stephane Chartrand

Chief Financial Officer
Richcraft Properties

"Yardi Resident Screening gives our leasing staff a simple, consistent way to automatically screen applicants across our portfolio. For our executive team, the screening analytics provide action-oriented data with insight into our applicant pool and selection processes."