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Yardi Resident Screening for Canada

Select and retain quality residents with better online screening

Qualify residents accurately with a cost-effective tenant screening system featuring comprehensive reports, analytics, and automated recommendations built into your Yardi Voyager leasing workflow. For companies with properties in the United States, click here to learn how ScreeningWorks Pro will work for you.

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Automate Your Workflow

Deliver complete screening results on your dashboard within minutes to provide your leasing staff with clear, consistent direction that supports your business rules.

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Minimize Risk With Analytics

Get better insight into applicant traffic and use performance reporting to make strategic decisions for your properties.

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Increase Your Net Rental Income

Reduce loss from collections and evictions with cost-effective screening to retain low-risk residents and improve your bottom line.

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Jason Roblin


Vionell Holdings Partnership

“Yardi Resident Screening reduced Vionell’s vacancy rate from 13% to under 3% and helps us approve the best applicants with an efficient screening process that also saves us time.”

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