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Westcorp on RentCafe CRM Flex

Westcorp on RentCafe CRM Flex

  • With RentCafe CRM Flex, our team has all relevant customer information at their fingertips so they can provide a seamless experience.

    Uryelle Dimailig, Marketing Manager
  • Multi-touch attribution in RentCafe CRM Flex is a game changer. Now we’re able to see the whole customer journey and prove marketing success to our stakeholders.

    Uryelle Dimailig, Marketing Manager

    The Company

    Based in Canada and headquartered in Edmonton, Westcorp Property Management Inc. is an owner and manager of revenue-producing real estate. It creates, invests in and manages residential, commercial, hotel and mixed use properties. For more than 35 years, the company has focused on spaces and places that bring out the best in people. Westcorp operates in Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna and Bonnyville, as well as in Michigan in the U.S.

    The Challenge

    Disjointed Customer Touchpoints

    Without a customer relationship management system, Westcorp’s leasing agents managed leads via a shared inbox. It was hard to track prospect details in email threads, and when an agent was out sick or on vacation, other agents would have to step in and play catch up, sometimes asking customers the same questions more than once. Additionally, there was no way to prove how prospects found Westcorp, making it difficult for the marketing team to know which advertising methods were working.

    The Solution

    RentCafe CRM Flex

    RentCafe CRM Flex is a flexible customer relationship management system for residential properties. It accommodates traditional multifamily, student housing, corporate housing, short-term rentals and coliving lease types. RentCafe CRM Flex helps leasing agents provide an exceptional prospect and resident experience throughout the entire rental lifecycle, from initial contact to move-in, lease renewal and move-out.

    Revolutionary Lead Data

    For Dimailig and her team, RentCafe CRM Flex provided critical data through its multi-touch lead attribution technology. This means that the software tracks multiple touchpoints along the renter journey, giving Westcorp’s marketers a clearer picture of the sources that contributed to a closed lease. Dimailig can look at any prospect or resident record to see if they’ve visited the website, clicked through an ad, come from an ILS listing and more. She can see and prove how customers are becoming aware of the brand and when they’re converting.

    “If you ask a prospect, they’re going to say that they found you online, but they might not accurately remember how,” shared Dimailig. “Now that we have multi-touch attribution, we don’t have to rely on anecdotal data. We can prove that our ads are working and accurately break down the cost per lease by source, allowing us to fine-tune our marketing strategy.”

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