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Bill Pay

Streamline your business by letting Yardi execute your vendor payment process

Reduce operational costs with an outsourced vendor payment process that completes the automated procure to pay cycle. Yardi Bill Pay is part of the Yardi Procure to Pay Suite.

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Complete the Cycle

Execute the automated Procure to Pay process with Yardi Bill Pay. No changes to your Yardi PayScan or Yardi Voyager workflows necessary!

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Gain Efficiency

Reduce time spent processing paper checks and EFT file uploads. Refocus your accounts payable staff on higher value tasks.

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Retain Full Control

Choose which payments to outsource and retain full oversight of your accounts payable.

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Utilize Card Payments

Use a physical or virtual credit card to make vendor payments and eliminate manual credit card processing by depositing funds directly into vendors’ banks through ACH.

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Extend Your Procurement Platform

Leverage all the products in the Yardi Procure to Pay Suite to maximize your savings and operational efficiencies. Process invoices electronically with Yardi PayScan and gain access to more than 1 million MRO products with Yardi Marketplace. Centralize product and service vendor information with VendorCafe while reducing property risk with VendorShield. Streamline the vendor payment process with Yardi Bill Pay.

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