New PHA Plugins Are Live


PHA Plugin 13.3/7 Streamlining Compliance Changes:

On March 8, 2016, HUD released Streamlining Administrative Regulations for Public Housing, Housing Choice Voucher, Multifamily Housing and Community Planning and Development Programs via Federal Register Notice Vol. 81, No. 45. HUD also issued PIH 2016-05 with further clarification on the application of these new rules.

In response, Yardi Voyager PHA will include the following changes beginning with Voyager 60.08.22, PHA Plugin 13.3 and Voyager 7s, PHA Plugin 7.

Public Housing Mixed Family Calculation Changes

  • Max Rent values (95th percentile or rents) are replaced by Flat Rent values for Income Based Calculations
  • Flat Rents completely eliminated for Mixed Families
  • For Mixed Families whose pre-prorated TTP (9j) exceeds Flat Rents, the proration calculation is skipped altogether and the pre-prorated TTP becomes the Mixed Family Subsidy value

EID Modifications

    For those EID records with an income start date on or after May 9, 2016, the software has the following changes:

  • EID is now a straight 24 month calendar
  • Months are “use it or lose it”
  • Phase-In percentage value can be configured
  • EID records with an income start date prior to May 9, 2016 will continue to have the prior EID functionality