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Rexford Industrial

Rexford Industrial

  • Yardi Document Management for SharePoint offers easy access to documents and, even more important, eliminates risk by controlling access.

    Adeel Khan, Chief Financial Officer
  • Yardi Document Management for SharePoint allows us to connect across our various disciplines.

    Adeel Khan, Chief Financial Officer

    The Company

    Los Angeles-based Rexford Industrial Realty, Inc. is a real estate investment trust that owns and operates 230 industrial properties with approximately 27 million rentable square feet in Southern California infill markets. About 40% of its holdings are single tenant and 60% are multi-tenant.

    The Challenge

    Uncoordinated Content Storage

    Rexford Industrial previously stored documents in a largely uncoordinated fashion. Key documents were housed in numerous places, including the email system, with little control over versions or security. “It was as bad as it could get, and we knew there was a need for improvement,” recalled Adeel Khan, chief financial officer for Rexford Industrial.

    The Solution

    Yardi Document Management for SharePoint

    Rexford Industrial implemented Yardi Document Management for SharePoint, which lets the company integrate Yardi Voyager business data into its SharePoint platform and vice versa for a centralized document management solution. The solution replaced uncoordinated storage on local drives and networks with a single source of the truth for content.

    The Story

    Secure Access Made Easy

    A single repository of lease, property and job documents ensures that materials Rexford Industrial stores in SharePoint are the latest version. Security is another key benefit, with Yardi Voyager security protocol and permissions automatically transferring to SharePoint along with automated data synchronization, metadata and attachment redirects. Digital signatures for contracts and agreements further enhance efficiency and collaboration.

    “Proper access controls for sensitive information is extremely critical for us as a public company. Yardi Document Management for SharePoint helps us manage risk very easily, ensuring that only authorized users gain access to content,” Khan said.
    Yardi Document Management for SharePoint also connects Rexford Industrial employees in offices with those in the field, dramatically improving collaboration on lease management and other operations. Property managers and construction team members, among others, can access files seamlessly and work efficiently, confident in the knowledge that the content is current and accurate.
    “Yardi Document Management for SharePoint transformed how we manage the information that forms the backbone of our business,” Khan said.