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Deal Manager

Close more deals, faster, with the most dynamic leasing solution on the market

Yardi Deal Manager provides powerful deal management capabilities with an easy-to-use, mobile solution. Access up-to-date unit availability information, floor plans and interactive stacking plans that sync lease-level data directly with Yardi Voyager. Centralize communication, enter deal terms, track proposals and calculate and store NER at the deal level.

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Improve Communications

Improve tenant relations and intercompany communication about available space, existing customers and deals. Schedule tasks, assign follow-ups and track changes at the tenant, property or unit level. Comprehensive reporting capabilities seamlessly combine information from Deal Manager and Voyager into actionable insight.

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Shorten Deal Cycles

Integrate all aspects of the leasing process in a single connected solution that includes customized deal management, automated workflows and approvals. Gain complete deal pipeline visibility with the most advanced solution on the market. Quickly identify tenant information and granular lease information such as rent steps, options and encumbrances. Work more efficiently and reduce errors by eliminating duplicate data entry and lease abstraction.


Target Space

Search and filter spaces in your portfolio based on properties, square footage, occupancy, tenants and deals. Quickly identify available space and manage tenant renewals, relocations and terminations as well as tenants at risk. Easily create new deals or process tenant renewals with existing deal terms pre-populated from Voyager.

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Reduce Legal Costs

Streamline legal operations, track revisions and centralize collaboration with intuitive workflows. Automatically generate lease agreements with a sophisticated lease creation engine. Easily configure complex approval flows while providing real-time visibility to your team. Leverage the built-in electronic signature tool for a quick and user-friendly signing process.


Go Mobile

Keep your contacts and leasing pipeline up to date with the Deal Manager mobile app. Update deals, leads and pipeline data on the go. Automatic syncing with Voyager gives your team the latest information to make confident decisions, secure approvals and receive notifications in the field. Available for Apple and Android mobile operating systems.

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