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Nevada HAND

Nevada HAND

  • We use the benchmarks, timeline and workflow in Senior CRM to make sure that we go through the process as quickly as possible so that prospects can start living with us.

    Robert Colbert, Vice President Senior Living
  • Senior CRM is absolutely moving us towards a more paperless system.

    Robert Colbert, Vice President Assisted Living

    The Company

    Over 25 years, 501(3)(c) nonprofit Nevada HAND of Las Vegas built a portfolio that now includes 34 properties serving 3,000 seniors and 4,200 adults and children, making it the largest nonprofit developer of its kind in Nevada. The organization operates the only two affordable assisted living housing properties in the state.

    The Challenge

    Streamlining the Lead-to-Lease Process

    Outdated processes hampered the organization with excessive administrative tasks. Staff spent significant time manually entering data and processing applications, payments and work orders. Additionally, Nevada HAND needed a convenient way for residents’ family members to pay rent and communicate with staff. This feature was crucial for loved ones who live out-of-state.

    The Solution

    RentCafe Senior Living and Yardi Senior CRM

    RentCafe Senior Living combined with Yardi Senior CRM aligns multiple lead-to-lease processes in one connected solution. Dynamic property websites, multi-channel marketing tools and convenient leasing services help convert prospects into residents. RentCafe Senior Living family portals allow residents and families to stay connected and make online rent payments and maintenance requests.

    The Story

    Shorter Sales Funnel

    Nevada HAND added RentCafe Senior Living and Yardi Senior CRM to their Yardi solution footprint to take advantage of the marketing and leasing tools built into the Yardi Senior Living Suite. “We rely heavily on RentCafe Senior Living and Senior CRM throughout our entire process: from prospect to waitlist to future resident, and all of the bells and whistles after that,” said Robert Colbert, vice president of senior living at Nevada HAND.

    Nevada HAND nurtures leads with Yardi Senior CRM. The tool improves marketing and sales processes by streamlining tasks and shortening the sales funnel. In doing so, prospects become residents faster. Faster processing enables Nevada HAND to quickly move in seniors that have been discharged from medical facilities and require skilled nursing.

    Colbert said, “We use the benchmarks, timeline and workflow in Senior CRM to make sure that we go through the process as quickly as possible so that prospects can start living with us.”

    Today, sales staff carry tablets into their meetings with prospects. Together, they complete applications and discuss fees. Seniors and their loved ones appreciate Nevada HAND’s streamlined process that skips repetitive paperwork and time-consuming data entry. All data entered into Senior CRM feeds seamlessly into Yardi Voyager.

    “I wish we would have gotten the tablets two years ago,” said Colbert. “The time savings is several hours each day. I can see leads instantly instead of waiting for paper lead forms to be entered.”

    Convenient and Efficient Online Services
    Nevada HAND uses online payments through RentCafe Senior Living to accept application fees, deposits and monthly rent payments. Users, especially those who live out-of-state, enjoy the conveniences of the family portal.

    Rent payments automatically post to the resident ledger each day. The accounting team scans and uploads fewer checks and makes fewer trips to the bank, saving time and allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks.

    RentCafe Senior Living also facilitates online maintenance requests. As a result, leasing office staff experience fewer phone calls and less paperwork. Nevada HAND staff now schedule, plan and document service requests on their mobile devices.

    “All of the Yardi products work harmoniously together. Any client would be able to go paperless quite easily due to the way the modules integrate and store data in Voyager,” concluded Colbert.

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