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Landmark Realty

Landmark Realty

  • ScreeningWorks Pro is an excellent solution – you can fine-tune criteria by market and offer self-service convenience to applicants, with mobile access for leasing agents using tablets.

    Larry Busgeon, Controller

    The Company

    San Francisco-based Landmark Realty manages over 80 buildings throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Albuquerque, as well as New Mexico, Kansas City and two condo properties in Maui, Hawaii.

    The Challenge

    Selecting Quality, Low-Risk Renters

    To minimize risk, Landmark realized it needed a reliable screening system that could support the varying criteria across its portfolio. With a range of higher-end and lower-end properties in the San Francisco and Albuquerque markets, Landmark lacked a flexible integrated solution to identify dependable renters for both metros. In addition, a mixed portfolio of apartments in Kansas City, including HUD and market rate units, presents a different set of rental and screening considerations.

    The Solution

    ScreeningWorks Pro

    ScreeningWorks Pro is a proven online screening system that features comprehensive credit reports and reliable background data — including rental payment histories, with automated recommendations to help clients approve quality residents. As a result, clients minimize risk and reduce loss from collections and evictions.

    The Story

    The Right Renters for Every Property

    To consistently find reliable renters for every metro it serves, Landmark uses ScreeningWorks Pro built right into its Yardi Voyager leasing workflow. Applicants are compliantly screened and qualified renters are automatically selected according to the criteria Landmark specifies for each property.

    For its Albuquerque properties, Landmark focuses more on tenancy histories than on credit scores when selecting renters; for San Francisco properties, Landmark prefers strong credit scores because the rents are much higher — and it also seeks to verify some history on those scores.

    Landmark also appreciates that ScreeningWorks Pro is customizable enough to help find both long term residents and short term renters. Busgeon added, “Once the system is up and running, it stands alone. We haven’t had to go back and adjust.”

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