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Boulder Housing Partners

Boulder Housing Partners

  • Voyager provides the insight into program data necessary to efficiently manage federal funding.

    Lynne Berge, Software Application Specialist

    The Company

    Boulder Housing Partners (BHP) has served as the Public Housing Authority for the City of Boulder, Colorado since 1966. BHP participates in HUD’s Moving to Work (MTW) program, which encourages innovation by providing flexibility in the use of federal funds.

    The Challenge

    Accommodating Growth, New Programs

    As its housing inventory and participation in HUD-funded programs evolved, BHP sought a flexible software solution customizable for each user’s role in the organization. Additionally, selection as a MTW agency proved a challenge and opportunity for expanded use of technology to track new programs and policies.

    The Solution

    Yardi PHA Suite

    The Yardi PHA Suite is the industry’s only singlestack, cloud-based platform for Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, and affordable housing. BHP’s platform includes Voyager PHA, additional financial oversight with Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting, integrated property upkeep scheduling with Yardi Maintenance, and comprehensive asset tracking and depreciation with Yardi Fixed Assets.

    The Story

    Managing Success with Technology

    BHP selected Voyager PHA in 2008 and has seen positive results ever since. BHP relies on features such as ad hoc reports and custom financial analytics to accommodate its specialized record keeping and reporting structures. Voyager PHA also provides quick and easy tools for property management and compliance monitoring.

    BHP built on its track record of managing federally funded public housing programs. “We were proud to be selected as participants in Moving to Work. It’s an exciting opportunity to test new ways to serve our residents. It is extremely helpful that Yardi has experience with other MTW agencies,” said Lynne Berge, software application specialist for BHP.

    BHP expects Voyager to play an important role as the agency oversees MTW initiatives and tracks outcomes of its new programs. “Our goal in implementing MTW is to use HUD funds more efficiently by reducing the time it takes our staff to maintain compliance records,” said Berge.

    BHP expects continued focus on technology as economic and legislative factors evolve over time. “We will always be looking to increase efficiency in all of our processes in light of tightening budget constraints. Voyager provides the insight into program data necessary to efficiently manage federal funding,” said Berge.”

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