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Voyager PHA

Support all departments and functions on a single PHA software platform

Centralize operations, finance, maintenance, and compliance with Yardi Voyager PHA. Choose from value-add solutions from the Yardi PHA Suite for online applicant certifications, payment processing, resident screening and more.

Get the Most Comprehensive PHA Property Management Software

Gain the power of the most advanced and widely adopted property management platform with built-in accounting, real-time performance analytics and complete mobility.

See how Marion Housing Authority uses Voyager to improve PHA workflows

Centralize Data

Increase accuracy and save time by accessing information for all your properties and residents from any web browser. Eliminate duplicate data, reduce errors and gain full business oversight with one software solution.

See how Yardi can keep your data secure

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Simplify Compliance

Be confident in your PHA’s compliance with all requirements for PHA and Housing Choice Vouchers.

See the Yardi PHA Suite at work for Grand Forks Housing Authority

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Tina Hoffart

IT and Finance Manager
Grand Forks Housing Authority

“Voyager helps solve compliance problems because it catches so many commonly made errors.”

Empower Accounting

Gain improved financial oversight with a full-featured system that meets all accounting standards and requirements for subsidy compliance.

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Automate Workflows

Simplify operations with automated PHA workflows for applicant wait listing, eligibility reviews, move-ins and move-outs, work orders, unit inspections, purchase orders and more.

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Go Mobile

Work anywhere using any mobile device with full access to your data, real-time analytics and mobile apps.

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