Reduce Costs with Paperless Invoice Processing

Yardi PAYscan™ automates invoice processing and provides an online approval workflow that helps you work more efficiently. Paper invoices are scanned and converted into Voyager electronic transactions, and the approval process is streamlined according to your customized workflow rules. To complete the process, timely vendor payments are made via EFT or check.

Product Highlights

  • Scan Invoices

    Bulk scanned paper invoices are instantly converted to electronic payables. Scanning may be done by your organization or effectively outsourced to Yardi’s full-service PAYscan team.

  • Review Online

    Scanned invoices are automatically routed through the approval workflow as electronic payables. Approval personnel receive email alerts, then log in to their review dashboard to code and approve each invoice. The dashboard facilitates easy drill-down to transaction data.

  • Store Images

    Scanned invoice images are stored in the Voyager database and readily accessible for future review – no photocopies, no file cabinets.

  • Lower Costs

    PAYscan frees up office resources, significantly lowers invoice processing costs, and reduces labor and errors by eliminating redundant data entry.

  • Centralize Oversight

    With a single, centralized, electronic A/P system, you gain portfolio-wide oversight of operational spend, which facilitates standardization of processes and executive decision-making.

  • Improve Cash Management

    Approved invoices are paid via EFT or check. Because invoice processing is accelerated through automation, PAYscan enables you to avoid late fees and take advantage of early-pay discounts.

Key Features
Key Benefits
  • Reduces invoice processing cost up to 35%
  • Automates invoice approval process
  • Reduces the need for copying, mailing, storage
  • Prevents lost or misplaced invoices
  • Minimizes manual handling and errors
  • Promotes sustainable business practices