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Yardi Energy Suite for Military Housing

Manage your energy consumption more easily & efficiently with automated processes

Reduce consumption, recover costs and streamline processes with the Yardi Energy Suite for military housing. Eliminate time-consuming manual processes with automated consolidation of cost and consumption data for electricity, gas and water. Gain even more value from analytics, dedicated service teams and 24/7 live resident support.


Bill and Collect Efficiently

Bill residents based on their exact consumption. Recover utility costs without costly, time-consuming manual interfaces, transfers or data entry. Yardi Energy Suite for military housing uses submetering to measure, allocate, bill and collect payments for utilities.

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Simplify Payables

Control utility payables with paperless invoice processing that supports efficient data collection, on-time payments, audits, tracking and more.

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Leverage Analytics

Control costs down to the meter level with utility analytics that identify problems, notify responsible parties and recover overage charges.

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Count on Reliable Support

Gain peace of mind from knowing you’re backed by our dedicated energy management service teams.

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Extend Your Energy Platform

Reduce your properties’ energy consumption, keep tenants comfortable and simplify analysis and reporting with automated energy management solutions. Learn more about our energy solutions for residential and commercial real estate.

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