Yardi Energy Solutions Features Payables Processing

Automated invoice processing saves money, gives property managers more time for leasing

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., Jan. 11, 2012— Multifamily property managers using Yardi Voyager™ can save time, manual labor and money spent deciphering, approving and processing utility payables each month with the automated Yardi Energy Solutions™ energy management system.

Master utility invoices from property utility providers are automatically mailed to a Yardi processing center. Yardi scans the invoices, retains the images in the client’s database, then codes and enters the payable for the client. The invoice is automatically paid with the next check run. Property managers save significant labor costs while avoiding unnecessary late fees with timely processing of utility payables.

Yardi Energy Solutions removes additional tasks from property managers’ hands by verifying payables information against more than a dozen exception categories, including consumption spikes and late fees. This step helps identify probable leaks or potential equipment failures, allowing property managers to expedite repairs. All utility invoice auditing, including verification of rates and tariffs, are executed by professional utility auditors.

Audits performed by Yardi Energy Solutions have uncovered utility invoicing errors totaling thousands of dollars. Yardi’s clients receive 100% of any credits recovered.

“By allowing Yardi to perform end-to-end energy management services, clients and their staff can devote more attention to core leasing and property management tasks rather than manually processing invoices and auditing utility consumption,” said Martin Levkus, general manager of YES Energy Management, the service provider for Yardi Energy Solutions. “Integrating payables into Voyager provides complete, accurate information for utility management. Property managers can recover vacant costs quickly and execute informed budget planning.”

About Yardi

Yardi Systems has been committed to the design, development and support of real estate investment management and property management software for nearly 30 years. With its Yardi Multifamily Suite™, Yardi Commercial Suite™ and Yardi Investment Suite™, the Yardi Voyager™ system is the most comprehensive single real estate management platform on the market today. Yardi serves clients around the world from offices in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. More information about Yardi products and services is available at www.yardi.com.

About YES Energy Management

YES Energy Management, based in Colorado Springs, Colo., provides the multifamily industry with a one-stop solution through turnkey installation of gas, electric and water submetering and energy allocation equipment. The scope of YES Energy Management”s expertise includes submeter and RUBs billings, paperless utility management of payables and submeter service and installations. YES Energy Management has installed more than 30,000 meters in privatized military family housing developments across the U.S. For more information, visit www.yesenergymanagement.com.

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