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We continue our monthly webinar series with an exciting lineup of topics designed to showcase new enhancements. In addition, we’ve heard you want us to hear you more! We’ve instituted our first monthly Q&A. We’ll be there, so come with your questions and let us have ’em.

Yardi eLearning: Q&A

Yardi eLearning has been and always will be a product that is driven by client feedback. The product development, course development and implementation and support strategies we have today are a direct result of valuable client feedback, and for that, we thank you! To stay focused on your needs, we are hosting a client-driven webinar. Come to this webinar prepared with your amazing ideas and the questions you’ve been meaning to ask the eLearning team and get the immediate answers that you are looking for.

In addition, make sure to jot down notes on the questions posed by your industry peers. This will be a fun way for you to learn from the questions and answers spurred by others. Prepare to be inspired and to have your learning elevated in this open Q & A forum hosted by experienced techs, Caleb & Dan.

Wednesday, July 26th 10–11am PDT
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Yardi eLearning: Links 2.0

Have you seen the latest improvements to the Yardi eLearning links tool? Initially, one may think of links as a piece of text that brings up another website, documen, or video. In eLearning, links can do that and more! Use links to sign up learners for tracks and courses. In addition, you can color-code popups, easily bring in learning content, and create a flow of learning that is interactive, engaging and responsive to the learner’s line of thinking.

Join us as we elevate your learning with this powerful new feature!

Wednesday, August 23rd 10–11 am PDT
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Yardi eLearning: Collaborative Course Design

Revisions and Snapshots are two new course design tools in eLearning that make authoring courses a truly collaborative process! In addition to collaboration, Revisions and Snapshots provide authors peace of mind that their work won’t be lost!

Join us for a discussion on best practices and a tutorial on how to utilize these features to leverage the strengths of your subject matter experts and to truly have your learning elevated.

Wednesday, September 27th 10–11 am PDT
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