New and updated courses


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New additions and updates:

· We’ve added one new eLearning course, eL 325 – Basic User Setup. Similarly, several eL 100 series courses have been renumbered and are now in the eL 300 series (these courses are intended for eLearning SuperAdmins).

· If you’re involved with budgeting or forecasting, take a look at our new ABF course: ABF 460 – Function Groups.

· Are you using the Yardi Smart Energy Suite? If so, you’ll want to review the new track with the same name, with courses describing the E2 Insight dashboard application.

· Public Housing clients have a new track of courses: PHA Compliance Management. These courses guide you through the different processes used by PHAs to add, amend and cancel agreements with participating families.

· The new RentCafe Online Payments track reviews details for online payments in Site Manager, including the online payment workflow for both the leasing agent/property manager and residents.

· We’re excited to offer two new RentCafe CRM tracks. The first, Getting Started in RentCafe CRM, covers basic navigation in RentCafe CRM, how to use the search feature, and the basics of the CRM queue. The second, RentCafe CRM Agent Procedures, describes leasing agent procedures in RentCafe CRM, including managing items in the CRM queue, processing all types of leads and scheduling follow-ups and appointments.

· To help keep your staff safe, we now offer SP 135 – Golf Cart Safety and SP 140 – Personal Protective Equipment.

· Senior Living providers will be happy to know that we’ve updated courses in the SL 500 and SL 600 series to include videos!

· Our new Professional Development course, PD 175 – Business Etiquette, provides tools to help your staff perform to high standards in today’s complex work environments.

· Your new leasing agents will appreciate the new Leasing Agent Skills course: LA 160 – Leasing with a Revenue Management System.

· And last but not least, we are proud to offer Spanish versions of the courses in the Preventing Sexual Harassment track.