Leveraging unique navigation for dual language courses


Here at Yardi eLearning we thought, why shouldn’t the end user be able to decide for themselves which version of the course they want? Using alternative navigation design, where the user is given the opportunity to choose the language in which they take the course, we have brought you dual language courses like FH 120 – Federal Fair Housing Compliance for Maintenance (English/Spanish). We are excited to announce the release of four additional courses that offer bilingual opportunities for the English and/or Spanish language user. Each of our four versions of Preventing Sexual Harassment (SH 105, 115, 125, and 135) are now available in this unique format.

At the beginning of these courses, the student is presented with an option of choosing either the English or Spanish version of the course. After they make the selection, the student will progress through the course and then, when ready, take the final exam in the language they prefer. For instance, if the student prefers to go through the course in Spanish and then take the exam in English, or vice versa, they have the opportunity to do so.

Benefits to the student

· Increased confidence and comprehension because the student can learn (and test) in the language they are most comfortable.

· Efficient learning because the student does not have to slow down while learning in a language that is difficult for them.

· Clean transcripts because the student satisfies the requirement rather than choosing between an English or Spanish class, thereby leaving one class incomplete on their transcript.

In addition to the benefits to the student, there are numerous benefits to the administrator, such as:

· Increased reporting efficiency because admins can track a single course rather than consolidating two separate course reports.

· Easier control over course deployment because there’s no longer the need to maintain separate learning plans specific to native Spanish/English speakers.

· Increased confidence that students are easily gaining access to the training that they need in the language that they prefer.

In recent years, the workplace has changed to reflect the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of our society. Studies have shown that people understand, retain and learn best in their native language. The effectiveness of their learning increases exponentially because the student feels in control and can provide their full attention to the content being presented. The Yardi eLearning team is eager to continue to expand our course offerings through additional learning opportunities in both English and Spanish.