Dedeaux Properties LLC Adopts Yardi Commercial Suite Solutions


Property developer will streamline daily tasks with its new real estate software platform

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Jan. 17, 2018 – Dedeaux Properties LLC expanded its original trucking business to encompass acquiring, developing and managing warehouse assets. The company—founded by former baseball coach Rod Dedeaux, who coached the University of Southern California to 11 national championships and led two Olympic Games teams—recently adopted Yardi Voyager® and integrated products from the Yardi® Commercial Suite to manage its industrial property portfolio.

The new technology platform will unify Dedeaux Properties’ physically separated property management and accounting departments and create new efficiencies for budgeting, invoice processing and tenant payments.

“As our deal pipeline and staff grew, it became economical to perform our core business operations from the Yardi single connected solution rather than continue with disparate in-house systems,” said Jessica Pisula, director of marketing for Dedeaux Properties.

Dedeaux Properties also adopted Yardi® Procure to Pay to streamline invoice processing. “Previously our invoices went to too many people and approvals took too long. The system’s automated workflows create thresholds that direct the invoices to the appropriate people. For example, all marketing-related approvals will automatically come to me. I can approve them up to a certain dollar limit, speeding up approvals and enhancing accountability,” Pisula said.

Dedeaux will also automate and shorten its budgeting, long-term forecasting and valuation cycles with Yardi® Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting and will eliminate paper and manual tasks involved in tenant payments with Yardi® Payment Processing.

“The Yardi Commercial Suite delivers operational efficiencies and time savings that will allow Dedeaux Properties to focus on the core activities of investing in and developing industrial real estate,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi.

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Los Angeles-based Dedeaux Properties LLC is a family-owned partnership that has developed, acquired and managed more than 4 million square feet of industrial properties, primarily in Southern California and the Chicago area. For more information, visit

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