Capstone Advisors Selects Yardi Voyager for Investment Management and Property Management


Investment and development company will be able to automate its entire real estate asset lifecycle

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF., Jan. 13, 2015 – Diversified real estate firm Capstone Advisors anticipates better data management, increased efficiency and faster reporting with Yardi Voyager® and Yardi Investment Management™, which will automate Capstone’s investment management and property operations lifecycle.

“Our team spent a lot of time going between the various entities within each investment to calculate rollups, distributions, quarterly capital calls, amortizations and other activities.  Yardi Investment Management will perform those functions and save us a great deal of time,” said David Lang, controller for Capstone.  “With all financial and operational data accessible from one system in the Voyager platform, we will no longer need to rely on third-party systems to generate reports, prepare tax returns and execute other operations.  In addition, we will gain stronger control over our data by having our third-party fee management companies log into our Voyager database.”

He added, “I can prepare financial reports myself using data from Voyager, rather than wait for property managers to submit the information manually.  As funds come in from capital calls and go out with distributions, the Voyager platform will help us make sure our cash trail follows the ownership trail,” Lang said.

“Yardi is pleased that Capstone will use our solutions to help it grow its business.  As a leading, widely diversified company, Capstone will receive great benefit by managing both its investments and its asset operations in a single system,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales for Yardi.

About Capstone Advisors

Capstone Advisors, based in Carlsbad, Calif., is a diversified real estate investment, development and advisory firm that has acquired more than 4.6 million square feet of commercial properties throughout the U.S. across multiple real estate cycles and product types.  Since 1996, Capstone has served as operating partner, advisor, capital provider, joint venture partner and developer for some of the most well regarded financial institutions in the world.  The company is also one of the most recognized and respected for-sale residential advisors in the western U.S.  Through its partnerships, Capstone Advisors has entitled or developed approximately 27,000 residential lots and built and sold more than 5,000 homes.  For more information, visit

About Yardi

Now in its fourth decade, Yardi® is committed to the design, development and support of software for real estate investment management and property management. With the Yardi Commercial Suite™, the Yardi Multifamily Suite, Yardi Investment Suiteand Yardi Orion Business Intelligence, the Yardi Voyager® platform is a complete real estate management solution. It includes operations, accounting and ancillary processes and services with portfolio-wide business intelligence and platform-wide mobility. Yardi is based in Santa Barbara, Calif., and serves clients worldwide from offices in North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. For more information, visit