Client Success

Vionell Holdings Partnership

Vionell Holdings Partnership

  • Yardi Resident Screening reduced Vionell’s vacancy rate from 13% to under 3% and helps us approve the best applicants with an efficient screening process that also saves us time.

    Jason Roblin, CEO

    The Company

    Vionell Holdings Partnership is a primarily multifamily and condominium property management firm with operations in Portage La Prairie, Brandon and Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. The company specializes in leasing, maintenance, budgeting and financial reporting services for its clients, who own the properties Vionell Holdings manages.

    The Challenge

    Manual Screening

    Answering applicant phone calls and processing paper applications with manual background and credit screening was time consuming. The manual screening process exposed Vionell Holdings to losing its best prospects to the competition if they could not complete approvals in a timely fashion.

    The Solution

    Yardi Resident Screening

    Yardi Resident Screening is a proven online screening system that features comprehensive credit reports, analytics and reliable background data including rental payment histories— with automated recommendations to help clients approve quality residents. As a result, clients minimize risk and reduce loss from collections and evictions.

    The Story

    Automated, Rules-Based Screening

    Vionell Holdings’ applicants are compliantly screened with Yardi Resident Screening as part of the RentCafe and Yardi Voyager leasing workflow, with qualified renters selected automatically based on the criteria set for each property.

    According to Jason Roblin, CEO, Vionell Holdings has also been able to reduce its vacancy rate from 13% to below 3% with Yardi Resident Screening. Vionell now approves quality applicants quickly to sign more leases, and also gains business insight with real-time analytics and screening reports to enable better business decisions.

    With the combined power and reach of RentCafe, Yardi Voyager and Yardi Resident Screening, Vionell is engaging a wider range of prospects while reducing calls to its leasing offices and eliminating tedious paperwork with an efficient online marketing, application and leasing process.

    “Our best applicants are getting approved right away, thanks to Yardi Resident Screening. We’re not at risk of losing them to the competition anymore because of paperwork or a slow response time,” Roblin explained.

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