Client Success

SRI Management, LLC

SRI Management, LLC

  • “With Yardi eMAR, shift-to-shift handovers are easy. Night staff can see what happened during the day and what still needs to be done. Everything is right there in the system. They no longer have to spend time informing the next shift, which has made operations much more efficient.”

    Dennis McCarthy , Chief Information Officer

    The Company

    SRI Management (SRI) provides full-service management for owners of independent living, assisted living and memory care communities. Founded in 2000, the company is dedicated to making a positive impact for seniors and their families by emphasizing individualized care and providing personal choice.

    The Challenge

    Creating a Single Source of Truth

    After successfully implementing several modules in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, SRI knew it was time to get clinical staff off a separate system causing confusion around which records were most up to date. They sought an integrated platform to create a single source of truth throughout the organization.

    The Solution

    Yardi EHR and Yardi eMAR

    Yardi EHR not only reduces operational costs, thanks to a single-vendor solution that combines billing and property management with clinical care, it also improves transparency and efficiency. Real-time resident care updates and an online interface have streamlined the way SRI care staff operates. At the same time, electronic medication management via Yardi eMAR has increased efficiency for the company and reduced the risk of medication errors.

    The Story

    Connectivity and Oversight is a Breeze

    Once SRI’s nursing staff got their first look at Yardi software in action, they were hooked. The team began using Yardi EHR right away to log resident incidents, like falls or behavioral issues. Documentation was simple and everything logged was immediately appended to resident files in the database, becoming part of their permanent record. But the best part was that all the information was readily available after the fact. “In the Yardi platform, I have easy access to what nurses wrote and charted about each incident and how it was handled,” said Casey Polk, chief nurse and division director of resident services at SRI. “I can quickly pull up the chart and read the notes and have all the information on hand. And I love that the software also reports on resident activity, new orders and missed medications. It allows me to follow up with my staff based on what has or hasn’t been charted that week.”

    The Added Benefit of Efficiency
    Yardi EHR and Yardi eMAR solved the pain points caused by disparate systems, but it also created incredible time savings for the team. “Yardi eMAR definitely creates the most efficiency for us. Before we had it, everything was done on paper, and it was a very time-consuming process to create charts for each resident each month. We don’t have to do that anymore,” said Dennis McCarthy, CIO at SRI. Reducing paper records has yielded other benefits too. “Assessments now in Yardi is huge–they each run about 15 pages long and making them paperless was a big step. But it wasn’t just beneficial to eliminate the paper. We’ve found it’s much easier to plan and budget staff and resources with all the information right in our Yardi database. It saves time and makes it so much easier to pull a report. Being able to look at data that way is mission critical and helps us make good decisions,” said McCarthy.