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Northbridge Companies

Northbridge Companies

  • “I can see everything related to accounts payable myself now; I don’t have to call other offices. And that’s a huge time saver.”

    Linda Adams, Accounting Manager

    The Company

    Northbridge Companies offers innovative, quality senior living solutions across New England. Their mission is to provide lifestyle freedom along with necessary services, from independent to assisted living and memory care.

    The Challenge

    Too Much Back and Forth

    With 17 different communities each submitting over a hundred invoices a month, there was a lot to keep track of. Inevitably, questions about invoices would arise. When that happened, the accounting team had to place a call to the office where the expense in question occur, then wait for someone to track down hard copies of bills or payments so they could be scanned and sent back to accounting for clarification—an incredibly time-consuming process.

    The Solution

    Yardi PayScan

    Northbridge adopted Yardi PayScan, part of the Yardi Procure to Pay procurement, vendor management and electronic invoicing platform, to streamline invoicing across all properties. The system allowed the accounting department to access invoices and check whether payments had cleared without having to pick up the phone to call another office.

    The Story

    Accounting Autonomy—and a Lot Less Paper

    As Northbridge added communities to its portfolio, stress on the accounting team grew. Offices were scattered across the northeast, which meant paper invoices were housed in disparate locations. When the team found Yardi PayScan, the staff embraced the software immediately. “When we got PayScan, I was on board right away because I didn’t need to contact separate community offices anymore. You can drill right down and see if something’s been paid, if the check has cleared. And I can do it myself. That’s a huge timesaver,” said Linda Adams, accounting manager at Northbridge. “Now we have several people at each office using PayScan. It only takes a couple of hours to teach someone new, if that.”

    PayScan also eliminated the need for physical record-keeping. “Once the tax returns are done, we can throw the invoices out. There’s no need to use up valuable office space with paper invoices when it’s all right there electronically. No more digging through files or asking team members to look through their archives. Plus, I work from home a few days a week, and now I don’t have to lug paper back and forth. It’s easy, easy, easy.”

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