Client Success

LeFever Mattson

LeFever Mattson

  • Orion is an amazing tool for communication, with expedient data delivery. It identifies performance outliers and explains them to stakeholders through the data.

    Mark Bennett, Chief Financial Officer

    The Company

    LeFever Mattson Property Management provides customized and integrated real estate management solutions for its investors, for a broad range of properties throughout California.

    The Challenge

    Manual Reports, No Data Analysts

    LeFever Mattson is a smaller operation without an IT department or dedicated data analysts on staff. To help its regional managers understand the issues affecting their properties without relying on multiple reports and spreadsheets, LeFever Mattson sought an integrated business intelligence solution.

    The Solution

    Yardi Orion Business Intelligence

    Yardi Orion® Business Intelligence is a unique mobile-enabled platform that combines financial, operational and ancillary services data from Yardi Voyager to deliver holistic portfolio insight. The system features configurable dashboards with more than 200 key performance indicators, and provides flexible reporting to enable fast, informed decisions.

    The Story

    Centralized Data, On-Demand Reporting

    LeFever Mattson chose Yardi Orion Business Intelligence for actionable data built into Voyager. According to Mark Bennett, chief financial officer, “We wanted the ability to quickly identify outlying data including outstanding receivables, drops in occupancy, or anything outside of normal standards. With Orion, the KPIs jump out at us, so we can quickly identify issues and drill down to the details.”

    Bennett elaborated that Orion shows them where their property traffic is coming from, and what the conversion rates are for each marketing source — so Lefever Mattson knows what’s working well, and what isn’t. Bennett commented, “Putting those powerful analytics on one screen provides ‘aha!’ moments for our staff.”

    Bennett added that with Orion, the flexibility to customize dashboards according to personal preferences ensures that the various needs of staff are met, and as a result, they gain “amazing efficiencies.”

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