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Huntington Management

Huntington Management

  • Voyager is a well-rounded platform. It’s very user-friendly with design features that support our tasks. Our users become comfortable with Voyager very quickly and are not at all intimidated.

    Theresa Leach, Director of Development and Support

    The Company

    Huntington Management is a full-service property management firm based in Michigan that specializes in residential communities. Founded in 1995, Huntington Management staff have more than 100 years combined experience in construction, development and management. Huntington Management’s portfolio of 3,500 units covers a broad spectrum of housing types including affordable housing, senior living, cooperatives and luxury apartments.

    The Challenge

    Using Technology Optimally

    Theresa Leach, director of development and support for Huntington Management, was looking to eliminate multiple disparate software systems which can create operational inefficiencies, data integration challenges and duplicate data entry.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager

    Huntington Management has built on the Voyager platform to take advantage of value-add solutions for its mixed housing portfolio. From accounting, compliance, to resident-facing applications, Leach has firsthand knowledge of how the Voyager platform makes the company more efficient by eliminating the need to run disparate software systems. Yardi Voyager centralizes affordable housing compliance, senior living care, accounting and property management with built-in, streamlined workflows for each department and staff role.

    The Story

    Building on Yardi Voyager

    Yardi Voyager supports Huntington Management’s business units with one connected solution. Huntington Management’s single platform approach to software has enabled the organization to take advantage of built-in efficiencies. “Voyager is a well-rounded platform. It’s very user-friendly with design features that support our tasks. Our users become comfortable with Voyager very quickly and are not at all intimidated,” said Leach.

    Self-Service Access for Residents
    Huntington Management began streamlining eligibility processes in 2016 with RentCafe Affordable Housing. Site managers were initially skeptical of how well residents could input information using their personal devices. To put those doubts at ease, Huntington Management set up kiosks at their communities for managers to help residents navigate workflows. “Site managers and residents soon realized RentCafe is not scary at all. You answer questions, and then the software adapts with new questions based on your answers. It’s a comfortable, conversational process,” said Leach.

    Integrated Senior Living
    Huntington Management has oversight requirements for its senior living properties, which it also manages with Voyager and Yardi EHR. “We track resident charting, progress notes, assessments and care planning, and it is all integrated with our Voyager platform. That’s very important and helps us work more efficiently,” said Leach. Huntington Management also uses Yardi EHR, an electronic health record solution that supports assisted living, independent living, memory care and skilled-nursing services. Yardi EHR integrates clinical intake processing, medication management, resident assessments, care planning, wound treatment, behavior management and more in a browser-based platform optimized for mobile and desktop screens.

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