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Clearwater Living

Clearwater Living

  • The Yardi Senior Living Suite covers every aspect of senior living management. RentCafe Senior Living resident portals were a huge selling point for us. The platform is easy for our residents and their families to use and information is updated in real time — with everything tied back to Voyager.

    Breck Austin, VP Operations Services

    The Company

    Clearwater Living acquires, develops, markets and operates senior living communities throughout the Western United States and is committed to providing superior resident experiences. Clearwater’s independent living, assisted living and memory care communities are designed to include cutting-edge technology and care services that improve the daily lives of seniors.

    The Challenge

    Rapid Growth

    With recent community acquisitions and more in the pipeline, Clearwater required a property management and accounting platform with a centralized database to ensure data accuracy and increase operational efficiency by tying together its front and back office processes. Clearwater also desired online services and mobile tools to support portfolio-wide collaboration and improve services to residents and their families.

    The Solution

    Yardi Senior Living Suite

    The Yardi Senior Living Suite is powered by a secure cloud-hosted database and unifies property management, finance, marketing, leasing, business oversight and resident care for improved efficiency, reduced costs and responsive services in a single connected solution. Online portals keep residents and families connected and enable them to make payments, review health information, communicate with care providers and submit service requests. Mobile tools and apps enable staff to work productively from any location and free them from paperwork, so they can spend more time with residents.

    The Story

    One System That Does it All

    When Breck Austin joined Clearwater Living as its vice president, he was aware of the operational barriers caused by disparate software systems — including products not designed specifically for senior living providers. With the Yardi Senior Living Suite, Clearwater has a single connected solution designed for senior living management that seamlessly brings together every aspect of its operations. As a start-up real estate developer and investor, Clearwater requires a scalable and powerful platform that ties back to a single database. As Clearwater continues to grow, Austin knows he can depend on Yardi to support the unique technology needs faced in senior living, such as tracking resident care and medication dispersal. And when it comes to Clearwater’s reputation, using proven Yardi solutions adds to the company’s credibility in the industry. “There’s a reputation that comes with Yardi, especially when I told (our investors) we were using all the modules. They didn’t have concerns around our processes.” Austin said.

    Better Lead-to-Lease Management
    Yardi Senior CRM helps maximize occupancy and increase resident retention with mobile-friendly sales and marketing tools that strengthen lead management and improve sales processes. “The workflow for leasing in Yardi Senior CRM is wonderful. Now we can work in one prospect record and move it through the entire lifecycle of the resident,” Austin said. The system also keeps Clearwater’s leasing team on track by providing calendars and identifying daily activities to complete, with the ability to create notes and communicate with the click of a button. Austin elaborated that Clearwater loves the integration of Yardi Senior CRM with Voyager, so when a leasing proposal is accepted, the documentation is automatically created. “In 20 years in the industry I have never found a system that could do that correctly and accurately; it’s really great,” Austin said.

    Enhanced Resident Services
    Clearwater knew it needed to serve the next generation of residents moving into its communities, who will expect online services and seamless communication. Austin explained, “We asked ourselves, how can we communicate with residents about the terrific lifestyle programs we offer and engage them with our restaurant venues? How do we show them their statements on demand and let them easily pay their bills?” Clearwater was also looking for ways to go paperless to reduce costs and improve sustainability. RentCafe Senior Living portals provide a complete range of convenient online services for residents and their families including making payments, reviewing health information, communicating with care providers and submitting service requests. Clearwater residents and their families have easy access to everything they need online, in real time, displayed in an easy-to-understand way.

    Superior Support
    Austin also emphasized the quality support Clearwater receives from Yardi. He said, “My support contact at Yardi has worked on the property side of the business and understands the senior living industry — she’s not just a tech person. She has a passion for helping people, and that’s what I’ve found working with everyone on the Yardi team.”

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