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Arcadia Management Group, Inc.

Arcadia Management Group, Inc.

  • Leveraging the best of what Yardi and Microsoft have to offer gives us peace of mind.

    Gary Shaw, President

    The Company

    Arcadia Management Group Inc., based in Phoenix, Ariz., performs management and maintenance for commercial properties across the United States. Arcadia Management Group is designated an Accredited Management Organization® by the Institute of Real Estate Management®, an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors®.

    The Challenge

    Separate Content Management Systems

    As a longtime Yardi client, Arcadia Management Group is well acquainted with Yardi Voyager and uses virtually all of the products from the Yardi Commercial Suite. The company maintained some documents, such as invoices processed through Yardi Procure to Pay hosted in the Yardi cloud. Other content, such as vendor management activities uploaded from VendorCafe and various lease and property documents, were housed in Microsoft® SharePoint® or the CommercialCafe tenant portal. “I didn’t want to continue running multiple databases. That produces duplicate effort as well as inconsistent security permissions,” said Gary Shaw, president of Arcadia Management. “I wanted our document management functionality to become completely integrated with our business the way our other Yardi products are.”

    The Solution

    Yardi Document Management for SharePoint

    In 2017, Arcadia Management Group became an early adopter of Yardi Document Management for SharePoint, which lets the company integrate Yardi Voyager business data into its SharePoint platform online in Microsoft® Office 365 for a single, centralized content management solution.

    The Story

    Security and Seamless Access

    “When Yardi approached me with a new document management solution that linked Voyager with SharePoint, it patched a huge hole in our document management system,” Shaw said. “Going between Voyager and SharePoint is now the seamless action that I wanted. We log in to Voyager and go straight to SharePoint. For example, we can open an attachment in Voyager and directly link to the appropriate content in SharePoint.”

    Automated bi-directional system integration allows user roles and security permissions to carry through from Yardi Voyager to SharePoint along with property, entity, lease, vendor, job and other objects and their associated standard data.

    “Maintaining security on multiple systems was hard on our users. With this new centralized system we don’t have to continually go in and out of different databases,” Shaw said.

    He added, “I’m glad Arcadia had the opportunity to work with Yardi during the development of Yardi Document Management for SharePoint; we are really happy with the result.”

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