Smart Energy Suite

Save Money and Maximize Energy Efficiency

Manage costs, consumption, and sustainability initiatives with our comprehensive suite of mobile-enabled energy management solutions. Reduce energy consumption without sacrificing tenant comfort. Automate utility payables processing. Reduce risk and ensure budget certainty with competitive pricing via negotiated power contracts. Gain new insight into your portfolio’s energy consumption with solutions for utility expense analytics, sustainability, tenant billing, expense management, and more. With products from the Yardi® Smart Energy Suite, we help you create the energy program that fits your needs.

Energy applications on Devices

  • Smart Energy Suite Solutions

  • Yardi LOBOS

    Yardi LOBOS®, an intelligent HVAC energy optimization software suite, delivers energy savings of 30% or more to large commercial buildings while maintaining or increasing tenant comfort. LOBOS is available as an energy efficiency and/or ADR upgrade and is compatible with most modern HVAC control systems.

  • Yardi Utility Expense Management

    Yardi® Utility Expense Management processes, validates, and stores invoices to create automatic payable processing and posting to Yardi Voyager® or your accounting system. We receive account information and utility data directly from the utility companies servicing your properties and can leverage that for additional revenue and budgeting services including detailed annual budgets for electricity, natural gas, oil and other utilities.

  • Yardi E2 Insight

    Yardi® E2 Insight reveals building energy consumption by collecting cost and usage information down to the individual building meter. Sustainability initiatives such as GRESB are supported with effortless access to the utility data needed to satisfy complex reporting requirements as you strive to reduce carbon emissions, earn incentives, and demonstrate environmental leadership. Together with Yardi Utility Expense Management, the process of understanding your utility costs and consumption becomes simple, even across the largest portfolios.

  • Yardi PowerShopping

    Yardi PowerShopping® leverages sophisticated energy management strategies and risk management to negotiate competitively priced electricity, gas, oil, and green energy sources on your behalf. Revenue and expense budgets based on a combination of historical data, expected changes in building occupancy, and future utility rate increases inform PowerShopping budgeting services for electricity, natural gas, oil, and other utilities.

  • Yardi Utility Billing

    Yardi® Utility Billing establishes, maintains, and evaluates tenant billing plans to help you recapture more utility expenses with convergent billing and smart analytics. We offer full submeter installation, maintenance, and data administration including alerts for hardware malfunctions and tenant usage deviations.

  • Pulse Energy

    Pulse Energy provides energy intelligence to commercial organizations around the world. It is a scalable software solution that helps manage energy use, improve performance, engage with occupants, and accurately measure and verify energy saving measures. In addition to supporting commercial businesses directly, Pulse Energy solutions help utilities achieve regulated efficiency targets, boost customer satisfaction, and cross-sell other programs and services through advanced customer segmentation techniques.