Genesis2 for Condo and HOA

Streamline your business with mobile condo management software

Simplify condo and HOA property management and accounting with a cost-effective online platform for small to mid-size portfolios. Track ownership and charges, calculate fees, collect payments, monitor maintenance, enforce bylaws and more using a solution that allows you to work from anywhere.


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Automate Workflows

Make work easier with built-in accounting and management capabilities specifically adapted to the needs of association management.

Easily calculate percentage-based fees, track changes of ownership and transfer scheduled charges.

Automatically calculate one-time charges so you don’t have to manually calculate retroactive fee changes or special assessments.

Property management software for multiple devices

John Reynolds

Property Manager
JZReynolds LLC

"Yardi Genesis2 has definitely helped my business. Everything is integrated, with the accounting, leasing, and reporting tools we need built right in."
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Simplify Reporting

Access a wide-ranging suite of reports and powerful real-time analytics with a single click. Yardi Genesis2 combines a comprehensive database with automated reporting capabilities.

Instantly run any industry-standard report that can be exported quickly to Adobe® PDF, Microsoft Word® or Microsoft Excel®. Drill down from summary to underlying detail in a flash.

Automatic property management reporting
Property management accounting tools
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Organize Accounting

Track your payables in both cash and accrual accounting with easy-to-use tools. Smart input methods and optional OCR scanning make processing and recording receipts easier.

  • Streamlines A/R and A/P workflows
  • Speeds up receipt processing

Condo bylaw management software
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Monitor Bylaws

Track bylaws per association with built-in violation management processes that can also be used to track the architectural review process within a community.

If a bylaw is violated, you can create custom letters, manage the distribution of violation letters to owners and assess fines to each owner.

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Add Smart Tools

Do more with integrated additions that fit your needs. Explore options for document management and payment processing.

Power your business with tools to provide secure owner access, manage documentation and process payments:

People working together with property management softeware
Mixed property portfolio
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Manage Mixed Portfolios

Multiple property types? No problem! Easily combine mixed portfolios on one platform to eliminate duplicate data entry and consolidate management.

Genesis2 has the tools you need to manage multiple property types, including: