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Vitality Living

Vitality Living

  • “We use Yardi as our source of truth for everything.”

    Nick Byrd, Chief Financial Officer
  • “There’s a tremendous amount of benefit with Yardi — having one landing place where we have access to all these different modules.”

    Nick Byrd, Chief Financial Officer

    The Company

    Specializing in independent living, assisted living and memory care, Vitality Living offers residents a premier experience based on their wants and needs. Headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, their mission is to create vibrant communities where residents, families and team members can be themselves, live purposefully and experience a profound sense of belonging.

    The Challenge

    Manual Processes & Disparate Systems

    Vitality used to rely on manual processes and disparate systems — taking time away from priorities, generating errors and causing confusion among teams. From monthly ACH pulls to building financial reports, key tasks became increasingly arduous. Vitality searched for a dependable, integrated solution to serve as their source of truth and alleviate the challenges they were facing.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing

    Designed for senior living providers of all types and sizes, Yardi Voyager Senior Housing delivers property management and financial accounting on a powerful, cloud-based platform. By adding solutions across the Yardi Senior Living Suite, operators take full control of the senior living spectrum from marketing to operations to care.

    The Story

    One Source of Truth

    Prior to implementing Voyager Senior Housing and accompanying tools in the Yardi Senior Living Suite, Vitality used a mix of siloed technology and manual processes. The lack of a single connected solution — built to unite all data and workflows in one place — meant Vitality didn’t have true visibility or a reliable method for retrieving important information.

    “We had all these disconnected systems before, so we couldn’t tell how things flowed over and things didn’t flow over in real time,” shared Nick Byrd, chief financial officer at Vitality. “People were confused and there was a lot of manual overhead.”

    By moving forward with Yardi, Vitality now has a single source of truth — a solution that integrates all aspects of its business into one database. Long gone are the days of digging through disparate systems and manually transferring details. With Voyager, Vitality accesses automated accounting functions, real-time reporting and complete business oversight in one centralized location.

    “When you’re running a report in Voyager, you’re getting real-time data,” said Byrd. “The system is integrated with all of these pieces which allows us to get a true picture.”

    Eliminating Errors

    With Voyager automating tasks Vitality previously did manually, errors have been eliminated across the board. “When we would run our monthly ACH pulls in the old system, the community’s business director would have to prepare the file, send it to accounting and we would manually enter all the ACH transactions, and update the amounts,” explained Byrd. “You can only imagine what kind of errors that could create, and it created a ton.”

    As Byrd said, “Fast forward to Yardi, we don’t need to do that.” Voyager captures all financial data and resident records automatically, removing the opportunity for duplicate data entry and associated errors. This also creates visibility for Vitality across the financial, care and operational aspects of its business.

    “That visibility piece, which we did not have before, has been tremendous for us,” explained Byrd.

    Saving Time

    Vitaly said goodbye to time drainers when they partnered with Yardi. Since Voyager acts as their complete general ledger system, Vitality has drastically reduced time spent on key financial accounting tasks, allowing team members to shift and focus on other priorities.

    “When I started, the amount of people joining our finance calls was 17 or 18, and now it’s 13,” explained Byrd. “That reduction is related to the transition to Yardi.”

    Byrd shared how moving to a single connected solution has given Vitality’s teams days back in their monthly schedule. “We gained two days back just around the ACH process,” said Byrd. “It was a manual lift before, but now things are getting updated in real time.”

    Building Continued Success

    Thanks to their success with Voyager, Vitality has implemented additional solutions in the Yardi Senior Living Suite including RentCafe Senior Living Portal, Yardi Senior IQ, Yardi EHR, Yardi CheckScan and Yardi Aspire.

    Having integrated tools helps Vitality power its business at every level and in turn, create a better experience for residents. “We love the integration,” shared Byrd.

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