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Pulse Real-Time Metering

Improve building energy performance with real-time data

Increase cost control with better visibility and decision making using data directly from your energy meter. Save 2-5% using Pulse Real-Time Metering (RTM) to collect, analyze and fix energy issues in real-time, before they cost you money. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you get analytical insights and notifications to improve your building energy performance.

Pulse RTM provides tools to explore your interval data with fast, responsive web pages. Flexible views and graphs help you easily see real-time building energy performance against benchmarks and baselines to identify anomalies.

Add more products from the Pulse Suite for a comprehensive energy management program, including submetering and utility billingutility expense managementprocurement, and HVAC optimization.

Product Highlights

Manage energy in one platform

Pulse Real-Time Metering is part of the Yardi Pulse suite of energy solutions designed to optimize energy management and occupant comfort. With rapid setup and data collection from multiple sources, Pulse RTM is scalable and mobile for access by multiple user roles. Portfolio level benchmarking, tracking and reporting help you identify and prioritize the most impactful savings opportunities.

  • Enhance energy tracking. Consumption and savings can be converted to cost and CO2 emissions for more detailed reporting.
  • Identify outliers. Easily find which buildings or spaces are wasting energy with our heatmap feature.
  • Explore data. Explore your data with a load profile feature that gives you a granular view to spot opportunities for improvement.
  • Share with stakeholders. Present real-time energy information in a dashboard to help users understand and reduce their energy consumption.

Engage users to conserve

Add the Pulse Occupant Engagement Dashboard to provide real-time energy information to building occupants and the public. It effectively engages users to help them understand and reduce energy consumption by providing graphical information on your building’s energy consumption. The dashboard is flexible and allows users to change graph views to different buildings and times of day. It encourages energy conservation through transparency which inspires behavioral changes in occupants, such as turning off lights at lunch or reducing heating or cooling loads.

  • Display your building performance and energy conservation efforts.
  • View consumption stats for electricity, gas, steam, water and even display solar production.
  • Share access with tenants or the public, or use kiosk mode to display in common areas.
  • Encourage tenants to participate in energy conservation.

Key Features

  • Explore your interval data through detailed load profile analysis including time overlays, baseline comparison, heat maps and more
  • Leverage property attributes and property lists stored and maintained in Yardi Voyager
  • Automate energy reporting and identification of energy waste
  • Communicate easily with external sources
  • Compare buildings across the portfolio to identify low performers and spot deviation from typical building performance
  • Use our baseline models to track and compare building performance and energy conservation measures
  • Get safe data storage and data integrity with top-tier hosting

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