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Pulse Building Optimization

Lower Costs Without Sacrificing Tenant Comfort

Pulse Building Optimization is an intelligent HVAC optimization platform for large commercial buildings and campuses. Optimize chiller plants and air handlers to consume the minimum energy needed to satisfy tenant comfort. Earn incentives by automating demand response capacity.

Pulse Building Optimization helps you lower utility expenses and support sustainability initiatives with auditing controls, dedicated client services teams and 24/7 live customer support. Its energy efficiency functionality continuously monitors mechanical systems in commercial buildings while automating demand response and providing real-time feedback, resulting in increased tenant comfort and new levels of energy efficiency.

Add more products from the Yardi Pulse Suite for a comprehensive energy management program, including fault detection and diagnostics, submetering and utility billing, meter insights, invoice processing, procurement, and sustainability programs.

Product Highlights

Energy Efficiency

Uniquely optimizes chiller plants and all air handling units in unison, reducing HVAC costs by up to 30%. Ensures a facility uses the minimum amount of energy required to satisfy heating and cooling loads without compromising occupant comfort.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Optimized chiller plant and individual air handling unit efficiency
  • Savings of 30% on HVAC energy consumption
  • Simple paybacks typically within 1-2 years
  • Greater occupant comfort and productivity

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