Yardi Adds New Consumer Protection Amenity to RentCafe


Property management companies can offer renters integrated fraud protection and credit reporting via Resident-Link

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 24, 2018 – Yardi® multifamily clients are now able to offer fraud protection and credit reporting services to their residents. These consumer protection amenities are provided by Resident-Link and newly incorporated within RentCafe®, Yardi’s property marketing, leasing and resident services platform.

Resident-Link, powered by the Fraud Protection Network®, provides best-in-class identity theft protection services using the industry’s most comprehensive security protocols. It promptly alerts subscribers if their identity is being used suspiciously, for example, to apply for a new line of credit or request a change of address.

In addition to monitoring for identity fraud, Resident-Link works with Experian® to provide credit reporting services. Experian is the first credit bureau to recognize the importance of and incorporate positive rental payment data disclosed to Experian RentBureau in consumer credit reports. Residents are able to build credit history by paying rent responsibly each month.

“Working with Fraud Protection Network and Experian, Yardi is now able to help our clients’ residents improve their credit. For those who already have good credit, this enhancement helps protect and monitor it,” said Terri Dowen, senior vice president of sales at Yardi. “Better still, through RentCafe, we’re able to do it in a way that is seamless and simple for both the property management company and the renter.”

Residents can sign up for Resident-Link as part of the RentCafe leasing workflow. After signing a lease, renters will have the option to opt into the service, the same way they might sign up for a parking space or storage unit.

“With identity theft clocking in as America’s fastest growing crime, protecting your identity has never been more important. Resident-Link and RentCafe help property managers proactively offer affordable protection to their renters with proprietary monitoring and alerting systems,” said Ed Margolin, CEO of Fraud Protection Network.

Join a RentCafe webinar to learn more about amenities and other resident retention tools available through Yardi’s marketing, leasing and resident services platform.

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