New Ways to Elevate Employee Training With Yardi eLearning


Innovative professional development platform can interface with clients’ HR software to streamline employee training plans and other administrative functions

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., June 12, 2017 – Yardi clients now have new ways to save time by automating training plans and team assignment adjustments. The latest version of Yardi eLearning allows training assignments to change without additional work from human resources or corporate training staff.

Yardi eLearning clients traditionally create role-based staff training plans based on job title. In the past, HR administrators had to manually adjust training plans when an employee’s status changed. Yardi eLearning now automatically adjusts the course list when employees have a new job title, work location or supervisor. Supervisors also now receive automatic emails with updates on employees’ training assignments and progress reports.

“Yardi eLearning had training plans in the past, but this new ability for plans to self-adjust to an employee’s needs is really exciting. This is a great time for companies to see how a cloud-based learning platform not only benefits employees but also makes HR tasks and training more efficient,” said Becky Sanvictores, vice president, client services at Yardi.

The new feature also works with course content from other providers. “Yardi eLearning is not limited to presenting materials we develop. Clients can streamline employees’ access to instructional content created by third-party sources,” added Sanvictores.

Automation is possible because of innovation in the ways Yardi eLearning works with HR software. “No matter which HR system our clients use, we can help set up the interface with eLearning. There is very little ongoing administrative work once everything is up and running,” said Sanvictores.

“’Learning Elevated’ is the motto for the Yardi eLearning team. We constantly strive to live up to that motto by creating new features such as dynamic learning plans,” said Sanvictores.

Yardi eLearning streamlines access to staff training resources for more than 40,000 active users. It replaces traditional classroom instruction with web-based, interactive courses and live webinar events. Users can access Yardi eLearning from any Internet-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones.

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