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Walla Walla Housing Authority

Walla Walla Housing Authority

  • Yardi mobile applications improve how employees connect and collaborate.

    Amy Allred, Finance Director

    The Company

    Walla Walla Housing Authority (WWHA) prides itself in energizing neighborhoods, and helping families of low to moderate income prosper with dignity and respect. To reach those objectives, WWHA makes itself competitive for housing subsidies and increases staff efficiency with a consolidated operating platform from Yardi.

    The Challenge

    Overcoming Obstacles

    WWHA needed to grow its affordable housing stock to meet the needs of its community. Budget constraints at the federal level made new public housing units and vouchers unavailable, so WWHA opted to focus on developing properties under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. With the addition of LIHTC units came new compliance requirements, financial oversight, and additional staff.

    The Solution

    Yardi PHA Suite

    The Yardi PHA Suite is the industry’s only single-stack, web-based platform for Public Housing, Housing Choice Vouchers, and affordable housing. Yardi Voyager PHA expands to meet the needs of all public housing agencies, with a full suite of value add solutions and services.

    The Story

    Gaining Efficiency with Technology

    WWHA experienced an era of growth over the past decade. That growth came in terms of housing units and in WWHA’s use of technology to accommodate new responsibilities. As a result, WWHA adopted Yardi Voyager as its software platform, and took advantage of Yardi mobile applications to make staff more efficient.

    In addition to Yardi Voyager Affordable Housing for its expanded LIHTC units, WWHA also implemented Yardi Maintenance Mobile and Yardi Inspection Mobile during its growth process. “In the past, we had employees who were not engaged in our technology efforts. Yardi mobile applications improve how employees connect and collaborate,” said Amy Allred, finance director for WWHA.

    Yardi Maintenance Mobile provides WWHA maintenance staff with the capability to open and close work orders from the field, order parts, take pictures of jobs completed, and more. Before implementing the solution, WWHA’s maintenance staff spent two or three days per week reviewing work orders, printing them out, and then completing a manual closing process. Each work order had to be categorized, filed and copied. “Yardi Maintenance Mobile makes us much more efficient, especially because having a staff means they can be more productive because they are not dealing in paper nor tied to a computer desk,” said Allred.

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