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Hospitality at Work

Hospitality at Work

  • The ability to customize courses with Aspire has been great for us. Onboarding is more efficient with assigned classes, and ongoing training is easily accessed with on-demand courses to strengthen employee skillsets and performance.

    T.J. Tarbell, Senior Vice President

    The Company

    Hospitality at Work specializes in the management and maintenance of commercial properties, with a particular focus on office buildings. The company is a subsidiary of Lowe, a California-based private real estate company with 51 years of real estate investment, development and management experience. Hospitality at Work combines hospitality with meticulous property management, creating an environment where tenants thrive and owners discover lasting value.

    The Challenge

    Onboarding and training

    Hospitality at Work wanted a solution to streamline onboarding for new hires and to deliver ongoing training for staff without a dedicated team of onsite instructors. The company also wanted to help employees set goals and access courses on demand to increase their skillsets and optimize job performance.

    The Solution

    Yardi Aspire

    Yardi Aspire is advanced training technology that unlocks employee potential with a personalized blend of virtual training, live events, company resources and direct coaching feedback. Optimize your training spend with effective content, reduced administration and deeper insights to help increase efficiency and performance. Get unlimited access to train your entire organization using Aspire’s exclusive Yardi software content and get hundreds of customizable courses on compliance, safety, professional skills, leadership and more.

    The Story

    Group classes and customized courses

    Hospitality at Work uses Aspire to deliver interactive online learning including group classes to easily onboard new hires, along with company-specific courses for ongoing staff training. Before Aspire, according to senior vice president T.J. Tarbell, when an employee needed help it meant creating a training document or video and required an onsite team member to sit down with the new hire or employee.

    With Aspire, the company no longer burdens its valuable labor resources. “Apart from prescribed onboarding classes, when any employee wants to learn about something they can go to Aspire and access the content on demand. There are more than 400 courses, including custom ones that we’ve developed. We really like the ability to create custom content focused on specific needs,” said Tarbell. He added that Aspire is very flexible and makes it easy to set up and assign classes. Of further benefit, some employees are especially eager to learn as much as possible and factor completing certain classes into their annual goals.

    Better prepared employees and optimized resources

    Shelly Smith, chief financial officer, elaborated on how Aspire helps Lowe optimize their labor resources, which she believes is a key focus and challenge in any business. Smith explained that Lowe Commercial isn’t large enough to have people sitting around and ready to train new hires one at a time. When that happens, the team member who pivots to training foregoes their core duties, which isn’t ideal. “Thanks to Aspire, we don’t have to divert our talents to answering questions and providing guidance during onboarding. New staff get what they need from Aspire to start performing well in their roles and can keep that momentum going,” said Smith.

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