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Alliance Property Systems

Alliance Property Systems

  • “Yardi Voyager extends the useful and profitable life of Alliance Property Systems. It is an investment in the now and in the future, without question.”

    Leigh Hoffman, CPM®, President and CEO

    The Company

    Founded in 1990, Alliance Property Systems is based in Plantation and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and led by a father-son team, Leigh Hoffman and Jason Hoffman. The company provides comprehensive HOA and condominium association management services along with commercial real estate management throughout South Florida.

    The Challenge

    Manual Processes

    Alliance first used an early version of Yardi’s DOS-based software in the 1990s and has worked to eliminate manual processes for accounting, reporting and payments wherever possible. In 2015, Alliance sought to transition to a cloud-based platform to operate even more efficiently, meeting today’s business best practices. Leigh Hoffman, Alliance’s president and CEO, knew that in a competitive market with tight margins, the company must streamline internal processes to be profitable. A key way Alliance achieves this is by using leading-edge technology.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Condo, Co-Op & HOA

    Yardi Voyager is a cloud-based system that consolidates accounting, operations and maintenance management — with real-time analytics — on a single mobile platform. When combined with Yardi Payment Processing, Yardi Procure to Pay, Yardi aps for maintenance and inspections and CondoCafe for online services and automated workflows, Yardi Voyager delivers a cost-effective full business solution.

    The Story

    Huge ROI

    According to Jason Hoffman, vice president and COO of Alliance, he and his father selected Yardi Voyager because they were already familiar with the advantages of operating on a Yardi platform. “We wanted to be cloud based for a number of reasons, including better security and enabling our managers to do things away from the corporate office,” Jason explained. Leigh said, “After considering alternatives, Voyager got our vote. We want to be leading edge and for us, Voyager represents that. When we seek new clients we illustrate that we’re a state-of-the-art management company, and our tech investment is a big part of that.” Jason added, “Voyager helps us win new business, 100 percent.”

    The benefits extend to in-house staff and to owners and residents. Jason elaborated, “For accounting, lockbox and ACH payments are now input automatically. Invoices are processed and paid electronically. Reporting happens in real time. Our customers and residents love that they can do more things online — like submitting service requests they can track easily and having documents at their fingertips.”

    The biggest line item in Alliance’s budget is employee costs. With its Voyager platform, Alliance’s staff is much more efficient. Jason commented, “We can grow exponentially while keeping our general and administrative costs down, even with more properties added, thanks to Voyager. Doing more online and automating workflows serves our customers better and drives our profits.” Jason noted that condo boards, often run by community volunteers with limited time, appreciate online services with tracking so they can quickly see what’s new.

    With a business model of “roving property management,” Alliance assigns each manager oversight of five to eight properties. Jason said, “We want every manager to be as productive as possible, even while out of the office. In the next year we’re going even more mobile, and that’s why we chose Yardi.”

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