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Abby Development

Abby Development

  • We had to identify a single solution that could do what we needed, out of the box, instead of pursuing ten different vendors for ten different things. That was a big piece of choosing Yardi.

    Marc Abraham, Chief Financial Officer

    The Company

    Founded in 1999, Abby Development currently owns and operates five senior living communities across Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The company designs communities with unique components — based on forward-thinking strategies — offering independent living, assisted living and memory care options.

    The Challenge

    Limited Analysis

    Abby Development was using a software system with limitations. As a fast-growing company, frequently compiling data and running reports, they needed a solution that enabled a deeper level of analysis. They searched for a single connected solution to capture real-time insights, eliminate errors and save time.

    The Solution

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing and Yardi Senior IQ

    Yardi Voyager Senior Housing unifies property management, finance and business oversight on a single platform. Built for the unique needs of senior living providers, Voyager ensures Abby Development has every tool needed to manage their communities.

    With Yardi Senior IQ, a senior living business intelligence solution, Abby Development accesses real-time data in attractive, sharable dashboards. Drawing portfolio-wide information from Voyager, Senior IQ helps Abby Development act confidently and make informed decisions.

    The Story

    Comprehensive Insights

    Chief Financial Officer Marc Abraham knows the importance of comprehensive, real-time data. Before partnering with Yardi, leadership like Abraham relied on software tools with limited functionality. With growing communities and big plans on the horizon, Abby Development was in the market for a new solution. “We needed to identify a new software because from the senior living side, we knew we were going to have scale,” said Abraham.

    Describing the system used prior to Yardi, Abraham noted, “It wasn’t at the level we needed — the functionality just wasn’t there.” By selecting solutions from the Yardi Senior Living Suite, Abby Development now accesses key metrics, reports and insights at the click of a button.

    Voyager helps Abraham and teams across the company unlock the right information. The flexible system integrates all aspects of senior housing management including financial accounting, reporting and more. “Voyager is a rock solid system,” said Abraham.

    By adding Senior IQ to the mix, Abby Development now observes business-wide data and industry benchmarks. “Going from initially just using Voyager to adding Senior IQ as well — it’s a whole new level of analysis,” explained Abraham. The business intelligence tool makes capturing and presenting data effortless. “It’s a very intuitive product for us,” said Abraham. “It’s so easy and seamless to work through.”

    Saved Time, Minimized Risks

    Yardi helps Abraham and Abby Development’s other leaders save time. Long gone are the days of sifting through spreadsheets and endless reports. With Yardi’s integrated tools, leaders get fast answers to tricky questions, allowing them to focus on resident satisfaction right away. “It’s time saved for our president, senior vice president and CEO,” said Abraham. “They now take a lot less time sorting through data — that’s a big return for us.”

    Voyager and Senior IQ also ensure each piece of information is error-free, eliminating redundancies and discrepancies for Abby Development. “With Yardi, it’s a lot easier to check information across entities.”

    Enhanced Resident Care

    Delivering outstanding resident care is Abby Development’s main focus. “Our goal is always to provide the best product possible to our residents,” said Abraham. Voyager and Senior IQ allow the company to put residents first, every time.

    “With Yardi solutions, we give our communities and executive directors access to real-time data,” explained Abraham. Precise insights, available on the go, give staff members the confidence to make smarter, faster decisions. This helps residents across communities receive the time, dedication and quality of care they deserve.

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