Genesis² for Condo and HOA

Simplified Condo and HOA Management Software

Yardi Genesis² is our cost-effective Software as a Service (SaaS) property management and accounting solution designed for condominium managers and homeowner associations with small to mid-size portfolios. Genesis² features a single integrated database with tools to track ownership and charges, calculate fees, collect payments, monitor maintenance, enforce bylaws, and more. Eliminate manual processing errors and increase your efficiency by automating workflows with one comprehensive system.


Manage condos and homeowner associations more efficiently
with built-in best practice workflows.

Genesis² delivers built-in security, dashboards, automated owner workflows, analytics and reporting, and a valuable correspondence package via an intuitive interface to help you run your business more easily and efficiently.

With Genesis² you can manage several property types, including residential, commercial, condo and HOA, self storage, and mixed portfolios.

Product Highlights

  • Automated Workflows

    Genesis² includes industry-leading accounting and management capabilities specifically adapted to the needs of association management. Easily calculate percentage-based fees, track changes of ownership, and transfer scheduled charges. Automatically calculate one-time charges so you don’t have to manually assess retroactive fee changes or special assessments.

  • Optimized Accounting

    Processing owner receipts can be a labor-intensive task, but Genesis² automates this process for you. Smart input methods and optional OCR scanning streamline the recording of owner receipts. Genesis² provides all the easy-to-use tools you need to track your payables in both cash and accrual accounting.

    Genesis² can also post monthly charges with the click of a button. With the Detailed Receipts function, dollar amounts are automatically applied to charges as receipts are entered. Payable features include vendor-based expense accounts, electronic payments to vendors, and partial payments as needed. Other controls include the ability to put holds on individual invoices, vendor accounts, and stopping payments to vendors whose insurance has expired.

  • Simplified Maintenance

    With Genesis², there is no need to purchase a separate program to track maintenance information. Online work orders log materials and other information related to the work on a property or a unit. Genesis² lets you enter, edit, and post work orders, add specific instructions for staff and vendors, document the status of any project, and use work order reports as dispatch tools. Genesis² can also create both charges and payables from the Work Order screen.

  • Streamlined Reporting

    Genesis² combines a comprehensive property and owner database which comes with a wide variety of industry-standard reports that can be exported quickly to Adobe® PDF, Microsoft Word®, or Microsoft Excel®. Yardi also offers analytics reporting which allows you to slice and dice your data based on filters on financial and operational reports. This wide-ranging suite of reports and powerful real-time analytics feature drill-down from summary to underlying detail that can be accessed with a mobile device.

  • Violation Management

    The built-in violation management workflow can monitor and track bylaws per association. In the event a bylaw is violated, you can create custom letters with language from the CC&Rs, manage the distribution of violation letters to owners, and charge fines to each owner. The violation management workflow will also allow for tracking architectural review processes within a community.

The Yardi Genesis² Suite

Adopt optional condo and HOA add-on products from the fully integrated Yardi Genesis² Suite to improve your bottom line and provide enhanced services for your residents.

  • CONDOCafé

    Leverage exclusive online solutions developed for condo and homeowner associations to boost efficiency at your office. CONDOCafé Certificates and CONDOCafé Portal integrate with Yardi Genesis² to provide access to real-time financial information, document purchasing, ownership details, and more without compromising security. Accurate electronic records eliminate filing, photocopying, and paper storage costs.

Key Features
  • Web-based, browser-agnostic software platform with built-in best practices
  • SaaS hosting including data backups and software updates
  • Integrated general ledger with A/R and A/P functions, cash and accrual books
  • Comprehensive automated workflows including purchase process, violations management, and special assessments
  • Check writing, bank reconciliation, and electronic payments features
  • Correspondence package to track owner communications
  • Maintenance and work order management
  • Real-time analytics and standard reports with drill-down capabilities
  • Built-in installation checklist functionality for fast and easy setup
Key Benefits
  • Reduces costs and ensures efficiency with automated workflows
  • Streamlines A/R and A/P and automates owner receipt processing
  • Enhances business intelligence with portfolio-wide analytics and reporting
  • Lowers IT overhead and delivers hassle-free upgrades with SaaS
  • Provides mobile access to create and complete work orders from the field
  • Integrates with optional products for owner portals and certificate and document purchasing