• Streamline Rent Processing

    Yardi CHECKscan™ enables you to easily scan batches of paper checks, and converts them into efficient electronic transactions. Checks are scanned directly into Voyager and instantly become electronic receivables. The posting process is streamlined and funds are auto-transferred to your bank via EFT the next day. Resident ledgers and the general ledger update in real time.

Product Highlights

  • Bulk Scanning

    For maximum efficiency, scan up to 50 personal checks, commercial/cashier’s checks, and money orders at one time.

  • Online Review Workflow

    Transactions are color coded for quick review and posting:
    Green = Match – Resident account and amount due.
    Yellow = Partial Match – Requires review
    Red = No match found

  • CHECKscan Dashboard

    Shows all payment batches and alerts you to those that require attention. Easily create receipt batches and post to the G/L.

  • Priority Payment Sequence

    CHECKscan applies your Voyager rules for resident payments, so outstanding charges are paid in the order of priority you specify.

  • Permanent Image Storage

    Scanned check images are stored in the Voyager database and readily accessible for future review – no need for photocopies or file cabinets.

  • Auto-delivery to Financial Institution

    Scanned checks become electronic receipts, which are converted to X9 files and sent to your financial institution daily.

  • Increase Efficiency

    By automating the rent collection workflow and minimizing manual touch-points, your staff can work more efficiently, you can reduce operational costs, and resources can be redirected to higher-value tasks.

Key Features
  • Integrates seamlessly with Yardi Voyager
  • Scans up to 50 checks per batch
  • Provides online review and posting dashboard
  • Auto-matches payments to resident GL
  • Accepts personal/corporate checks and money orders
  • Processes ACH and X9 files
  • Stores front and back check images
Key Benefits
  • Reduces manual handling and errors
  • Eliminates deposits, bank runs, and lost checks
  • Eliminates need for third-party interfaces
  • Auto-delivers funds to your bank the next day
  • Maximizes cash flow