Senior CRM

Total visibility into assisted living marketing activities.

Gain mobile-friendly assisted living marketing tools designed just for senior living providers. Yardi Senior CRM™ is designed to boost revenues and maximize occupancy.

It eliminates redundancies with real-time data flowing between sales staff, assisted living community managers, health care providers, and finance.

assisted living marketing

Senior CRM is an intuitive, mobile solution designed to help sales and marketing staff drive revenue and increase census.

Product Highlights


  • Accurate Assisted Living Pipeline Projections

    Forecast occupancy rates and revenues with confidence. With Senior CRM you can project sales ratios and revenue based on the probability of each deal closing and the expected move-in date of each prospect. Plus, you can effectively evaluate marketing ROI with standard analytics and custom reporting tools.

  • Community-Wide Insight

    Senior CRM aggregates data across your entire portfolio of assisted living communities without the burden of interfaces between separate databases. This centralization of information enables analytics for side-by-side community performance comparisons as well as analysis at the consolidated portfolio level.

  • Automated Activity Workflows

    Senior CRM includes workflows designed to boost sales by prompting the leasing agent at each milestone of the sales process, from initial contact, assisted living property tours, follow-up meetings, and through to resident move-in. With Senior CRM your leasing agents have instant access to where each prospective client is in the sales process and how to proceed to the next step and close the deal.

  • Integrated Solutions

    Senior CRM organizes key information for use throughout the client relationship continuum. All data collected with Senior CRM is available throughout the Yardi Senior Living Suite, including Yardi EHR™, Yardi Voyager® Senior Housing, RENTCafé® Senior Living, and more.

  • Specifically for Senior Living

    We created Senior CRM to capture the nuance and scope of the senior living industry including clinical assessment recommendations, key demographics, health insurance information, and more.

Key Features
  • Mobile lead and referral management
  • Event and campaign management
  • Pipeline opportunity tracking with sales probability projections
  • Assisted living community occupancy and revenue forecasting
  • Fast and easy global database search
  • Task and appointment calendar with drag-and-drop ease of use
  • Correspondence tracking with electronic document management
  • Intuitive interface designed for desktop and mobile devices
Key Benefits
  • Improved ROI metrics to evaluate marketing efforts
  • Elimination of redundant data entry through central database
  • Accurate sales pipeline projections based on real-time data
  • Increased revenues with detailed price proposals reflecting assessed health care recommendations